The Great Divide – No matter where you “sit” regarding immigration, be aware that the “immigration issue” will be used to divide our country.

There is supposed to be a great takeover of the United States and other countries by Satan and his followers. When I use the term Satan, I mean the top evil entity in hell at any given time. In order to take over, Satanic forces will want to divide us. One of the scapegoats will be Latinos. Yes, this already is happening. This takeover may be years from now. I don’t know. But, to counter it we have to start acting now.

I can say that countries do need sensible immigration policies. However, ripping children from their parents’ sides does nothing as far as implementing sensible policies. Calling Mexicans names and saying that Mexico is our enemy is irresponsible and ignorant. Name calling does nothing to help us implement sensible policies.

Here, I will try to explain why the statement, “Why don’t they learn our language?” is such an ignorant statement – AND one that I was guilty of using when I started teaching in Southern California years ago. First of all, the generation that moves into the United States does not learn the language like subsequent generations. Of course there are exceptions. There will always be a few who just “take” to learning languages. There will be a few who are able to learn English without an accent (I would think part of this would depend on the sounds made in the native language). However, the generation who comes here, for the most part, takes on service jobs or jobs where they do not have to know English well enough to discuss higher level concepts. They really don’t have a choice – for the most part.

I was substituting one time and met an assistant in an elementary school. She shared with me that she moved to the United States from Spain some years earlier. She had been an attorney in Spain. I didn’t ask her why she wasn’t an attorney in the United States. I can’t imagine how difficult that would be. One of the other soccer moms for my daughter’s soccer team took classes at the Junior College in order to learn English at a higher level. She had to take a break when her son was born, but was back to taking classes one he was in school. This woman also was not shy about speaking English. I, on the other hand, when taking Spanish was very hesitant to try and speak Spanish to native speakers. I would have more difficulty trying to learn a language in another country.

Yes, it can be frustrating when one comes across a worker taking an order and we can’t understand that person. But, I would say that this is an exception. What amazes me are the people who are first or second generation, “born in the USA”, who go from talking to me in fluent English and turn around and speak fluent Spanish to the person behind me. Notice these situations also.

We all need to ask ourselves where our understanding of a group of people came from. If we have negative perceptions, is there a way to counter those. Our negative perceptions are going to be used to treat first immigrants and then all Latinos in this country in a horrible way. Years down the road (I don’t know how soon), Latinos in this country will be treated much the same way as the Jews were treated in Germany and elsewhere in Europe. THIS is if we do nothing to counter the trend and the rhetoric and the hate.

Instead, Latinos need to be aware. The Latinos involved with Satanic worship need to know. All peoples need to be aware.