When God says, “Judge not lest thee be judged.”, this applies to Satanic Worshippers as well. By this I mean that there are all types of Satanic Worshippers. There are those who join a group when they are young – as something to do or as someone really turning against God. They may regret it. I think a lot of Satanic Worshippers come to regret that decision. But, there may have not been an out for them. Find my earlier posts on how to get rid of demons, etc. How to turn back towards God.

I just felt like I had better address the difference in Satanic Worshippers quickly, but will post more at another time.


There is a small number of Satanic Worshippers who truly believe that following Satan is the right course. At least I hope it is a small number or small percentage anyway. Whatever Satan has planned is fine with them. The thought of innocent people dying doesn’t phase them a bit. They can be saved by turning to God. I asked God to help people with their “demon caused” health issues. I was told that God would help them as he has helped me.

Then, there is a group of Satanic Worshippers who don’t truly know Satan’s plan, but think that following Satan benefits them. From what I have been told, they are told that they will look younger. As far as I can tell, they do look younger – to themselves, in the mirror. They are told that they live longer. They may, but longer does not mean that they will be healthy. If they could see themselves in photos the way I see them, they would really be thinking twice when following Satan. I see cracking skin around the lips, uneven teeth looking much worse than they are, and darkened patches of skin. These people can be saved by turning to God.

There are some who have been threatened and/or a love one is threatened. Imagine having the life of a love one threatened if you don’t remain or become a Satanic Worshipper. I know that this happens. I don’t know if the threats are real or not. I certainly can’t advise someone to ignore the threats. I can say that you can pray to God and let him know what is going on. Then, look for a time when a lot of people are leaving Satanic worship. Of course these people can be saved by turning to God, but they have an added burden.

I suppose there are some who are black mailed into becoming or staying devil worshippers. All you can do is to take away the power of the people blackmailing you by owning up to what you did. I can’t think of anyway around it. Unless you can pull out when I lot of other people do.

Do many people get dragged into Satanic worship because they are young and naive? I would think so. Do they get pushed into one of the groups above? Possibly. Look for an out. If a lot of people start dropping out of the Satan based groups, it may be safer. I don’t know.

People can turn to God privately, but publicly have to show support for Satan – until you don’t have to show support for Satan. There may be some shadowed by a demon who can’t do this. Watch for the right moment. Pray to God to banish the demons/devils. They may come back. It’s annoying and more, but keep banishing them. I have to do this. One Devil in particular comes back.