I just realized that I did away with many of my prior posts. God wanted some of them to go. I was in the process of learning, so some I wrote too early.

It took trial and error to figure out how to banish my demons, devils, any and all Satanic forces, evil Gods and Goddesses.

I pray to God, because only HE can rid me of these forces. I can not do this alone. I tell him this often. Yes, he does want credit and acknowledgement.

If you can, pray with your palms upwards and arms raised so that your wrists are level with the tops of your shoulders. If it would be awkward for me to pray like this, I pray with my arms lowered; or with my hands in my lap, but my palms up.

GLASS ACTUALLY DOES ACT AS A BARRIER TO PRAYERS. Just don’t pray in an all glass building.

I use “The Lord’s Prayer” as a guideline when I ask God to forgive me of my sins and when I forgive others their sins. I try to keep up with this at this point, so that when I go to ask God to cast out a Devil it is a relatively short process. So, the first step would be to: confess your sins (so that God knows what the sin it), ask for forgiveness of all sins, forgive others of their sins (I tell God that I can only do this with his help). God knows that we cannot forgive others of their sins, some of the time without his help. I then say that I am passing up all these sins to Heaven. “They are too heavy for me.” Yes, if you are Christian, mention Jesus Christ. We can ask Jesus to forgive our sins.

Remember, God wants religious groups to work together to defeat Satan.

Now that your sins are forgiven and you forgive others, you can pray to have God banish the Satanic forces affecting you. I say something like the following and this has worked so far:

”God (Heavenly God, God in Heaven, Almighty God, God the Father) I need you to cast out demons and devils. I cannot do this without your help. I need you to remove the following from inside me, outside me, and around me: demons, all devils including Ra and Set, any Satanic forces, evil Gods and Goddesses. Please remove them now.  Amen.”

I mention Ra and Set because I know of them. Set gives me a hard time. Temple of Set worshippers, worship Set. This is the Devil that my family must have “worshipped”. I put that in quotes because I like to think that they did what they had to and then turned to God.