More and more people like me are going through what I went through and the Angels are very happy. Hearing the Angels makes me happy. The sound is up high and surrounds me. Like tinnitus, but in surround sound. And much sweeter sounding.

It’s good to know that I have company. That others, hopefully will make themselves known in some way.

I know that God wants me to write on my blog. He wants me to get the word out that 500 years ago, give or take, there was some event or events that caused Satan to gain more power. Here is something that I haven’t posted before: OIL IS BAD AND OIL HAS SATAN’S MARK IN IT – AS DOES GOLD. This problem with oil and gold happened  500 or so years ago also.

The Bible and the Koran have prophesies about the things happening today. NOTE: The Torah, the Bible AND the Koran. There are a number of religions that are Abrahamic religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. There are also some smaller groups. These three religions all worship one God: God in heaven. They also have guiding principals that guide believers to follow a righteous path.

Personally, I believe that most people will benefit from reading about Jesus and how he lived his life. He told parables which teaches us important lessons. I do need to read more about Judaism and Islam to see where there are similar life lessons. A religious scholar would be great to know!

There are other religions in the world that have people worshipping one God! The people need to follow a righteous path. The followers need to confess their sins and ask for forgiveness. THEY NEED TO FORGIVE OTHER PEOPLE. All the fine details that people quibble over are not important. They are to the people who push those details. God wants us to quit saying that there is only one religion that is the right religion. The one and only. The only way to get to Heaven. NO!

All this quibbling leads to fighting and that is what has divided the world for centuries. I would guess that there have been more deaths of people on this planet due to fighting and killing over who has the right religion or the right cultures or color of skin THAN any other cause.