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Here is an x-ray taken of my ankle. When I find the original, I can take a picture of it. You can see the bones in the original.


I broke my ankle in 2014. Shortly afterwards, I developed lymphedema in the lower part of that leg. Wikipedia has a very good explanation of lymphedema. I picture the lymph system as a very, very sluggish distant relative of the cardiovascular system. There are lymph glands at various places in the body. The lymph system is sort of the garbage system for fluid that needs to be hauled away. When the lymph system is impaired, fluid can build up.

Lymphedema is “incurable and progressive” (Wikipedia). I took my fainting that led to my broken ankle, that led to the lymphedema as “one of those things”. I couldn’t do anything, so I might as well work with it. Then, sometime over the last year or so I learned about demons and suits. My broken ankle hadn’t been just “one of those things”.

Well, God has decided to bless me and perform a miracle. Both bones in my ankle had broken. One bone had a narrow plate with 4-5 screws in it.  The other bone had a long screw through it. I say “had” because I have asked and been told that the hardware for my break is now gone. I believe the process of “curing” my lower leg started about six weeks ago. I had developed some brown mottling of the skin, and a large blue/blackish “sore”. The sore didn’t hurt, and my doctor had looked at it. There was nothing to do for it but use lotion to help the outer layer of skin.

The brown mottling is finally gone. It faded gradually. The “sore”, though it still looks like a sore it so much better than before. Each day I can see a very slight difference. Here are some photos:

Photos taken today, the 24th of March. The brown mottling is pretty much gone except for where the “sore” is.

You can see some of the brown mottling down below, though this was last week, so it was faded. I think the whole process must have started about six weeks ago.


The pictures below were taken over a week ago. Maybe a week and a half. The camera for the first photos above picked up faded mottling. I really can’t see any above the “sore”.


Note: The swelling of the foot from the lymphatic edema was gone by this morning. The swelling is back now, but having it go down over the night time was good. I am excited to see what happens tomorrow. I hear angels singing. I asked if there are descendants all over the world who are experiencing miracles and was told, “yes” by an Angel.