Getting Along With People

I found an article that is getting along with others. It is called, “9 Tips on How to Get Along With People in Any Situation”. It is by a man named Goulding. The website is life I am using his titles and some of his hints, but I’m applying it to a different area.

God is saying do not judge. I had a whole post on not judging others. There might be pressure put on people through their peer groups or religious groups to judge others. I am guessing there will be misinformation about all types of people. We need leaders who are actively working on “building bridges”. It is essential that we learn to “get along” with those who are different from us. That is a hard thing to do.

Here is an essential bit of advice taken from Mr. Goulding’s article: “…you have to make a deliberate choice to practice and incorporate these tips into your daily interactions.”

Now the tips

I am combining 1 and 7: Listen with the intent to understand and listen intently. This is called being an active listener. We can all listen and repeat back what the person said, but did we pay attention to their tone of voice, body language, or anything else that tells us more than just the facts. This is difficult and does take practice.

If you find that you are going to be going into a situation with someone from a different culture, it can be a good idea to ask if there is anything you should know. I have an in-law from a different culture. Her parents do not speak English. I have found that this in-law always lets me know up front any cultural variances. I know that I cannot sit next to her male relatives. It has always worked out.

Tip 2. “Walk in their shoes” This is always good to keep in mind. What is going on with the person you are talking to.

Tip 3. “Be polite”. This is so important. Watch rules of etiquette/getting along, but also be aware of your tone of voice.

Tip 4. “Always take the opportunity to say a kind and encouraging word to or about somebody.” This might depend on the situation. But a complement can be said in many circumstances. You might be able to complement someone’s family.

Tip 5 and 9. Show an interest in others and be sincere. Showing an interest goes along with be inquisitive. This would entail asking unobtrusive questions. Most of the time, if you act sincere and are not pushy someone will be open to you asking basic questions.

Tip 6. “Keep an open mind”. To do this, I think most people would have more luck if they remember: You can listen to someone who has a very different opinion from you and communicate openness without saying you have that option. “That is an interesting outlook.” “If I hear you right, you are saying that you believe X.” “Tell me more about X” Notice. I did not have to say I disagree.

Tip 7. “Be Positive”

I went to a site called Christian Daily Devotional. The daily devotional was a on being polite. The Bible verse is Timothy 2:24 “And a servant of the Lord must not quarrel but be gentle to all, able to teach, patient.”

Prayer – A prayer for those in the hospital no matter what their ethnicity, religion, or background. Maybe also a prayer of patience and courage for the caregivers who are interacting with so many types of people.

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