The Future

I was reading Luke a couple days ago, and I came upon the section where Jesus says, “Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom.” Today I discovered that this verse is in both Matthew and Luke. There is talk of war, earthquakes, famines and pestilences. There will be great signs from Heaven also. When this all happens the Kingdom of God is near. I asked, “Does ‘the Kingdom of God is near’, does this verse mean the Second Coming of Christ is near?” I got a soft yes, and I asked again to be sure.

None of us knows when the second coming is going to happen. Christ is very clear on that. But there are things we can do. In the scenario that has been briefly explained to me, the country of Israel does not do well. We need the nation of Israel to survive. For it to survive, we can’t have Muslim nations against Israel. We can’t go forward with religious groups fighting religious groups. We can’t go forward with cultural groups fighting cultural groups.

If we can do what I wrote about above, things will be somewhat better. I don’t know when the second coming will be. Jesus said over and over to his disciples that they should not ask. God alone knows when the second coming will be, but he wants us to stop judging others. He wants us to stop feeling like we are superior because of our cultural group, or country, or language. We have to.

This is a second part to my post. I read an article written in 1970 and published by the New York Times. It is now accessible via It is called “When is Christ Coming; The Twenty Signs of the Bible Gives Us a Clue.” The author is the late Dr. Billy Graham.

Dr. Graham writes: “The predictions of future events occupy approximately one quarter of the Bible: The teaching of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ is dealt with in some 1,800 passages in the bible – over 318 of these being in the New Testament.”

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