How to Pray for Others

Yesterday, I went to pray for health care workers. It is such a huge field, and I didn’t know what to pray. So, I went to my computer and typed in, “How do we pray for other people? I was led to the perfect site. It’s a blog written by Andy Norton. He had gotten the information from Joseph Williams. They belonged to an organization that uses the site: focus on Andy Norton’s post is called: “How to pray for others more…better”.

Much of what I am writing today comes directly from his post or I am rearranging the words a bit.

I was really stuck when it came to praying for such a large group. I started out by praying to God which Andy says to do: ask for God’s help, praise him, listen to God, thank him and praise him again.

I am getting much better at thanking God. Yes, he wants to be thanked. He really does. The word appreciate is a good word to use. The angels let me know when I am on the right track. Praising God. That one I really need to work on. I was raised in the Presbyterian faith, and back then praise was something that would have been a bit foreign. But, like anything, I have faith that practice will help a lot. Like many things, I was just now able to find help on the internet.

First I found You are my Creator God. You watch over me. You are my protector. You are the Way, the Truth, and the Life, Lord.

Don’t forget words from the Lord’s Prayer: Hallowed be thy name, or Lord your name is sacred. You are the Creator of Earth and Heaven. We do thy will.

Here are some words from Talk about God’s creation like, “You are the author of life, We are in awe of your creation.”

Now, I can get back to the ideas Andy picked up from Joseph Williams. You want to write notes on a piece of paper.

  1. Andy wrote down his dad who is sick. Yesterday, I was praying for health care workers who have already spent weeks working under trying conditions and are doing great!
  2. Brainstorm: What does Andy’s dad really need? “He needs patience. He needs faith. He needs trust during this difficult time.” I said something like: Heavenly Father, I pray today for all the health care works. They have already been working hard during this difficult time – with the virus. Some have worked extra shifts. They need to talk to others about their feelings, keep track of their needs. Help them be able to talk to their patients about difficult topics. Help the workers who have to call the patients. Give the workers the words they need during this time. Help them turn to you God. May those who have turned away turn back to you. May those who do not know you find you.
  3. “Pray for each of these needs as simply or as in-depth as desired…” Here is a bit more in depth for the dad: “Teach him to pray God. I trust in you. Give him the grace to trust you my God, Let him know that you watch over him and that you protect him always.”

I hope that helps. I had difficulty, but this helped me.

These are just coining off the top of my head. Prayer topics: someone who has the virus, people who have the virus, laborers who are out of work, companies (local restaurants) that have had to close or drastically cut back on staff. You can always pray for yourself. Ask for God’s help. Write down your ideas. Follow the same steps.

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