One of Our Most Vulnerable Populations: The Mentally Ill

There will be conflict in the future. The more we understand different “groups”, the less likely we will be one of the groups of people to be drawn into false teachings. Different groups tend to be more likely to be chosen as a “scapegoat”. The mentally ill was one group that Hitler focused on. We need to workin not judging the mentally ill. We also need to protect those who end up in mental hospitals. Remember, each mentally ill person is an individual.

First of all, mental illness does exist. My gangstalkers (the few who are left) belong to a group that does not believe in mental illness. They don’t believe in it even though the people higher up in the organization ask that people accept it, and get help for themselves and others. I’m sure those who still doubt can find it in the online “literature”. If you have never heard of the churches shift regarding mental health, then there needs to be better communication – somehow. Or there needs to be someone at each “church” to bring new information to church members. Something. Telling someone a platitude like, “Oh I get down once in a while and X helps.” is not helpful. Neither is “you must not be praying enough”. Prayer is important of course! It just needs to be accompanied by treatment of the illness.

I just realized: Gangstalking is one step away from not caring if someone commits executions. It’s the same mindset that existed when Hitler carried out his plan – get rid of the “less worthy”. You disagree? No, the mentally ill are finally protected more than they ever have been. It was not that long ago where spouses and other family members could commit someone.

If you haven’t prayed about your part in gangstalking yet, you need to. Repent, state your sins (thou shalt not judge is a sin that occurred), ask for forgiveness with the intent of never gangstalking again (if a life is being threatened, tell God and do what you have to until the time comes to leave. but, you still have the intent not to do it again), and ask that the people you sinned against forgive you (yes, we can do that). Also, forgive others knowing that God helps and carries that around for you until such time that you can truly forgive in your heart.

We (everyone) needs to get over the gangstalking mentality, because in the future people will start seeing propaganda against certain groups. One group is Latino people. Another group will probably be the mentally ill.

There are differences in the brain between “normal” brains and the brains of people with major depressive disorder. The brain of depressed people have thicker gray matter than other people. Also, there is a brain structure called the amygdala. In depressed people the amygdala is more active when exposed to negative stimuli. I had seasonal affective disorder for a long time. I take a medication that has serotonin in it. My seasonal affective disorder is under control when I take this medication.

With some mental illnesses it is helpful to compare them to diabetes. A diabetic needs insulin. His body doesn’t make enough. Someone with major depressive disorder or bipolar disorder (manic depression), needs chemicals to help with moods, thinking and sometimes behavior. Schizophrenia is more complex, and there are a number of different types of schizophrenia. However, medications can often help.

As much as possible when it comes to the mentally ill just like other people: Judge not lest the be judged. It can be difficult, especially when you live with someone and their behavior affects you. A very helpful group is called NAMI or the National Alliance of the Mentally Ill. Another group is DBSA or Depression Bipolar Support Alliance. I know NAMI has a group education class for those people who have a loved one dealing with a mental illness. It is hard. Of course you are going to have feeling about what someone does. But, as a group of people, they have to be protected. It’s too easy for their rights to be taken away.

The last time I was in a mental hospital, I had a day like no other before or since. I ended up losing time. I couldn’t remember leaving a fast food restaurant. V’s son really outdid himself on this one. I ended up in a neighborhood and had no idea how I got there. Was the house the house of a gangstalker? I think so. I ended up going into a mental hospital. I think that was the plan of my gangstalkers. To get me admitted into a mental hospital.

However, my journey had a bump along the way. There were no beds in a hospital right away. In playing the mental health “game”, I had to go into what I call a special holding hospital named Exodus. It’s an emergency room that is meant to hold you until a bed opens up. So, there were six very large recliners for the six patients. There was too much time during the day when all the patients but myself were drugged. I have been in hospitals before. Having all the patients acting drugged during the day is not usual. This place is called Exodus. The one I was at was in Napa. I heard different stories about the one in Santa Clara. Online, Exodus advertises that it offers Crisis Stabilization Services. It is supposed to be for up to 24 hours. I was there for 48 hours. My initial 72 hour hold was so close to being over, I was put on another 72 hour hold.

Go to see your loved one in the hospital. The hospital staff is always evaluating the patients and their future ability to receive help. Coming to visit shows that they have connections – people who can help them in the days after they get out of the hospital. It’s not abnormal for someone to act a bit “drugged” when starting a medication, but it shouldn’t go on for long. Ask that your loved one include you on the list of people who can talk to others including the doctor. Your loved one needs to know that there are people “outside” who have their best interests in mind. If they have a question there should be someone there who has the answer. For now, we need to make sure that the safety nets in place to protect the RIGHTS of the mentally ill, stay in place. A copy of the patients’ rights should be posted somewhere in each unit (unit is the nurses station and all the patients and room tied to that nurses station).

Here is a story that I like. I think of myself as the cracked pot – sometimes.

There was a man who lived a ways outside of the village. He had to go into town each day to fill the pots with water and then he would go back home. One pot had a crack in it. Quite a bit of the water leaked out of the pot on the way home. One day the pot said to the man, “Oh, I’m not worthy to carry your water. I leak.” The man pointed to the flowers on the right side of the road. He said, “If it weren’t for you leaking water, those flowers would not be there.”

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