The Inquisition, Acts Against Christians by Christians

I find this topic difficult to keep writing about. I want to cover a bit more ground than I have so far today.

Note: The Catholic Church does stem from an ancient church with the presence of Peter and Paul somewhere near Rome. I can’t figure out why there was a Pope, but the papacy was developed early on. The role of the Pope became more powerful and this was one dividing point between Western and Eastern Catholicism.

As far as The Inquisition, I am again pulling from the Post article: “Was Obama right about the Crusades and Islamic Extremism?” The inquisition “…refers to a series of institutions within the Roman Catholic Church that operated from the mid 13th century until the 19th century.” The institutions went after such people as suspected witches, converts from Judaism, heretics, and protestants. Yes, all terrible, but protestants. This is one area I will cover later. (mid 13th century would be mid 1200s)

During the Inquisition, there were about 150,000 put on trial with 3,000 executed. The tools of the trade used during the Inquisition were horrid. I was able to view some of these when I went to San Diego to visit a relative. There was a temporary addition to The Museum of Man exhibit. Why would I go? Good question. I had read about a few of the 1970’s psych experiments. I tend to believe that what has happened in the past can happen again. Actually, this is one thing God is warning me about. WWII Germany is horrid, but it pales in comparison to what Satan has planned.

THE REFORMATION – THIS IS ONE OF THE BIG ISSUES THAT GOD HAS HAD TO DEAL WITH. Satan gained power, as men allowed their religious differences to pull them apart. Then, religion was used as a power tool in the colonies (Not just America, but the America’s and elsewhere). Besides being a power tool, Christianity was used as justification for all sorts of deeds, from forced baptism and saving of souls to murder.

I am pulling from, “Jesus and the Origins of Christianity”. Luther started questioning the foundation of the Catholic Church. He was questioning the Church’s authority and said that salvation could be received “through faith and faith alone”. The true source of salvation was the Gospel. Religion sure had a way of dividing nations. In 1526, 300 German states were given the choice to opt for either “Catholicism or Lutheranism”. They chose Lutheranism. The Dutch starts the Dutch Reformed Church. Lutheranism spreads to Sweden and Norway. Other movements sprang up, “including one by John Calvin…” Calvinism ended up in Switzerland and France. And, England ends up as Anglican rather than Catholic.

I came across one article on a history link. That did not cover any deaths at all. In my opinion, the deaths should at least be mentioned. I am looking at a post on Econolog – Hard Questions About the Protestant Reformation, by Bryan Caplin. Their numbers are great in some cases. The thirty years’ war had a “death toll of thirty million”. The French Wars of Religion claimed another three million.

On “The Conversation” link is The German Peasants’ War. There was a popular rebellion in Europe. It was condemned in writing by Luther and there were attempts to squash the rebellion . The numbers given are 40,000 were protesting and tens of thousands were killed. Another conflict found on “The Conversation” is The Massacre of St. Bartholomew’s Day”. There was a marriage between a Catholic princess and a protestant King. 2,000 protestants were killed on the street.

I am guessing that there were easily 10s of thousands more who died because of their religious beliefs at the time. One source listed names, dates and reasons.

I could easily have been doing research and not seen any figures about fatalities. This begs the question: “Why?” Just what I have seen in my lifetime made me skeptical. There had to be conflicts. The Roman church had much to lose.

What conflicts have you seen or heard about in your lifetime? Conflicts with some religious influence. Please think about this without looking at what I wrote. In the future, it might be important for you do remember a conflict like this. Maybe it will remind you that there are two sides to the story. Hopefully, you will remember that God does not want us fighting. It’s cost him enough already.

Mine: The scores of people killed in southern versus northern Ireland. The deaths of people killed by Irish Republican Army members; 9/11 horrible, horrible 9/11. There is always Israel and the conflicts there. Since 9/11 there have been more killings in the United States by far right religious Christian extremists than from far right Muslim extremists. Zero by both groups would be preferred.

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