Bullies Are Cowards – by Definition

Bully: A person who habitually seeks to harm or intimidate those whom they perceive as vulnerable

Well, bullies perceive themselves as having the upper hand. They pick on someone who can’t defend him or herself. That is a bully and that is what a gangstalker does. I say that at group of gangstalkers is made up of Bullies on steroids. I say it derisively. It is very cowardly for that many people to pick on one person.

If you are still gangstalking me, you are going along with someone who committed an act of assault. I’m not exactly sure where the assault took place, but it was somewhere in the Sonoma or Napa Valleys. I was in a Toco Bell, but have no memory of leaving the Taco Bell. I drove to the Sonoma area and then Napa, but only remember moments. Some type of assault happened. The angels verified that.

God is not happy when any of his children are hurt. He’s not happy with that. I think that this would really bother some of you.

You have been told that gangstalking. The driving part. You have been told that you are not committing a crime. That’s wrong. In Google type in “texting, suicide”. You will learn about an 18 year old who committed suicide. He had gotten out of the car and texted his girlfriend. She berated him. He had planned it for months. He got back in and committed suicide. She, Michele Carter, received involuntary manslaughter.

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