Continued Gaslighting/Gangstalking, and Forgiveness

At the bottom I ask that we pray for our enemies in Gangstalking. Each day I think that I should have asked that we pray for those who are affected by the virus. But where do we start? Today, I will pray for some group (my family) that I know and then one group of strangers. This could be health care workers, people in India, people in Italy. Your pick. This is just one idea, because it is overwhelming without a plan. Many of you are already praying. Today I pray for my enemies in gangstalking and for New York City.

Teach a man to fish. While praying to New York City, I prayed that the people around those who are fighting, as well as those who are fighting, pray. That’s a great thing to pray for. Pray for prayer.

A good defense is a good offense. That does seem to be key in the way I shed light on what happens in my life. I still have things happening in my apartment now and then (gaslighting – moving or taking things). I just plastic bins a lot for storage. For a while now, now and then, I will be frustrated because I can’t find the lid to a plastic bin. That’s because some lids have been taken out of here. Okay, you can stop now. Poof. The power is taken away from that move.

So, I’ve written about V as being my main enemy, but I didn’t know that his son has been out to destroy me. I do now. I’ve prayed for both. Every so often it becomes so, so clear why we must forgive others. I do know that forgiving others makes God stronger, so that is one reason, but there is more. I hope to grasp that thought that alludes me now and share that with you. But, for now, take it on faith that forgiving others is key. If partly goes along with treating others as we want to be treated. We want others to forgive us. We need to forgive them.

I also had some things put into my apartment. These items were meant to put negative power in my apartment. The power is now taken away. I know that these are here and I have thrown them out one by one. Someone, I think the son hurt me physically. I have been told. I tried to get proof, but Satan (demons) blocked that attempt – at justice. I know. I’m not supposed to know. I will never have a memory of what happened, but I know. The power is taken away from that act of violence. I’m giving that glass ring holder to the Goodwill – when they are taking things again.

I have prayed and I will pray again for those who have hurt me, including the son. I just realized that praying for them takes away some of their power. So, let’s pay for those who still wish to commit acts of gangstalking. Those in. my apartment complex who come in and take things out. Those who wish they could cause me physical harm. I need to forgive them now.

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