Pray for Those Devastated by Gangstalking

There is always hope. Slim sometimes, but I will take my chances with slim. God can, according to the Angels, change his mind after someone has been sent to hell by him. There may not be much of a chance, but those who died while going through gangstalking (other cause), or those who committed suicide while going through gangstalking deserves our prayers.

All gangstalking victims deserve our prayers, but right now my focus is on any person who might have been influenced by demons. I learned how powerful a spell demons can put on a person. The demons are no longer here, but if they were, EVEN KNOWING that they were influencing my feelings about someone, my feelings would be influenced. At this point it would be “just” to being able to tolerate the person. I would be able to tolerate someone who wanted me dead and still wants me dead. Unbelievable.

Yes, someone can have feelings that are completely foreign to their way of thinking. The feelings seem to come out of nowhere. Let me give a scenario. I’m pulling it from my knowledge of mystery books, and women’s history (last 1800’s male behavior to get out of a marriage – they would have them committed). Let’s say there is a male who wants a divorce, but is part of a group where his standing in his religious group will plummet if he gets a divorce. There is also the cost of a divorce. That man can actually use his demon to influence his wife’s thinking and her behavior to the point that he can begin the gangstalking process.

I believe that gangstalking has been used to “change the behavior” of someone who is gay – male or female. One problem is that the target will always be a target. The gangstalking won’t stop until the person is dead. Yes, from suicide. Committing suicide doesn’t necessarily mean that you will go to hell, but maybe God doesn’t know everything. I think that, in my case, the main gangstalkers were trying their very hardest for me to act inappropriately so I would end up in hell. How totally disgusting is that. Do we know if a demon was involved? We probably don’t. Again, was the behavior a bit out of the norm – over the top for that person? We cannot judge, so then we pray. Please make sure that this gets posted in different languages.

My guess is that the gay community of these people (primarily youth – probably) realize what is happening at a certain level. Some of these people marry someone of the opposite sex to avoid that type of persecution and death. This is so sad. To be with someone that you cannot possibly be attracted to – for your whole life. To live a lie.

So, Please, Please pray again for those who have been gangstalked. Good words about the people would be great. Telling about a person’s good works would. be wonderful. Do not forget to confess your sins, forgive the person you are praying about, ask the person you are praying about to forgive you (yes, you can). God is able to forgive your sins. After he does so, hand up those sins to Heaven.

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