How Do We Pray to God?

Jesus Christ was asked, “How do we pray to God?” He gave the Disciples a gift: The Lord’s Prayer. I have said before, and I say it now: When you pray, just include all the elements that are in The Lord’s Prayer. One idea is to put it in a format and memorize it. I have just found that in a situation that is tense, a memorized prayer that has all needed components really comes in handy.

1. You are praying to the ONE God and he is in Heaven. God in Heaven, Heavenly God, My Father in Heaven. God, the Creator.

2. Sacred, or hallowed is God’s name.

3. I am not good yet with paraphrasing this part of the Lord’s Prayer: Thy Kingdom Come, your will will be obeyed, on Earth, as is is in Heaven

4. I give thanks for the sustenance you provide.

5. Lord, these are my sins………I ask forgiveness. With your help Lord, I forgive those who committed sins against me……………..      (If I have much to say, I rather pray about my sins and others in a prayer before I say an overall prayer)

6. My Heavenly Father does not lead me into temptation, but He delivers me from evil (or Satan)

7. God’s Kingdom is forever, God’s power is forever, God’s glory shall last forever.

8. Amen

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