Some, Not All, in One Group Might Not Be Reading the New Testament

sYou do not have to read the New Testament or any of the Bible to be accepted into Heaven. For that, you accept God as the one and only God. You confess your sins to him and ask for forgiveness. AND you must forgive the sins of those who have sinned against you – to do this, you ask for God’s help. I couldn’t forgive, truly forgive, the sins of the people who wronged me a while back. That is why I had to ask God to help me forgive them. I have stepped back far enough that I can forgive most of the sins committed against me – all by myself. Most, but not all. The scab is too fresh. I’m a descendant of Christ, but I don’t come close to Christ in the abilities that he had – including forgiving others.

That being said, some people in the Mormon Church used some advance shunning tactics against me because they believed a man’s lies. I cannot believe that the people who used those tactics have read the New Testament. I just can’t. They would know, “Judge not lest thee be judged.” They would also know how Christ lived. I don’t understand how you could knew how Christ lived and shun. I don’t know how you could have read Christ’s stories and parables and participated in shunning. Of course, there are those who were threatened.

Anyway, I bring this up because I found a very good article by a couple from Salt Lake City Utah. It is in a Mormon publication. The article is about how Christ viewed women.





Somewhere in the article is a reference to a statement by someone very high up in the Church. He makes a reference to Christ and his relationship with women.

I looked up Mary Magdalene. I had heard disparaging comments about her. If they were true and she was forgiven, that would be wonderful. However, it turns out that they were not true and the comments were used to disparage her and discount her importance. Mary Magdalene has a very important role as do other Disciples of Christ. Yes, there were many disciples, but 12 were selected to be “The” disciples.

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