God Planned for Women to be in Leadership Roles – Before Christ Was Born

Whatever I am part of – getting the world ready for Christ’s second coming – this was planned before Christ was born. I asked and this was confirmed by my angels. God planned on the Descendants of Jesus to be spiritual leaders during these times. Men and women, women and men. This in itself is evidence that women played a much greater role during Christ’s time and during the times of the early Christian church.

I am adding here – spiritual leaders in that I am being guided by Christ. I don’t doubt for a split second that there are those who are much more knowledgeable that I am regarding the Bible and religious teachings. However, God has more to tell us. God has corrections to make because of incorrect translations. Also, some of these corrections come from the books not chosen to go into the Bible.

If you are not Christian, you can learn about how God wants us to act, by reading a about Christ and his actions. Just like I am finding out that there are prophecies in the Koran that we need to look at. God wants this to be a time of coming together, not a time of divisiveness. There are those out there like me who come from all different religious views. If they believe in the one God, God in Heaven and they live their life as Christ instructs us to, well then, they can go to Heaven.

I keep referring to the New Testament of the Bible. So much of what we need to know is right there. Yet, I don’t believe that Mormons pay much attention to the New Testament. Their Church is named after Christ, but they ignore the writings that tell us in some detail about Christ’s life. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. See. Shouldn’t the people in the Church read the texts that tell us how Christ lived?

I know just a little bit about the “lost” books of the Bible. Most of them weren’t lost, they just weren’t chosen. Men got together and chose which books went into the Bible. I am astonished when I think there are people who truly feel that the men who chose the books were able to lay aside all their prejudices of the times – and choose material that shows us the important role that women played. The society was highly patriarchal. I found an article that discusses some of the material not chosen to go into the Bible. I took photos of some of it.


To see the full article, this is taken from a PBS site.


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