Good Societies and Worthy Religions Protect the Children – They Always Have and They Always Will – Try

I added Try to the title. Somehow, I don’t think taking children away from their parents is part of what a good society does. That doesn’t protect the children, it makes them more vulnerable to be subject to all types of abuses. I just don’t understand. We take the children away and then need people to take care of them when they are ill. The parents are the best people to take care of them.

Well, in theory, the U.S. and other countries take care of the children. Good religions and good people put children as the number one priority. Then there is Satanic worship. Remember, followers of Satanic worship do everything the complete opposite of Christianity (therefore, the opposite of most religions, it is just that Satan focuses on Christianity – upside down cross, 666 as the opposite of the trinity).

Yesterday, I searched for Bible verses that show how Christ viewed children. I took some screenshots which I will post here. Be sure to read the text after the screenshots.


“If anyone causes one of these little ones – those who believe in me – to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.” Wow! That is a pretty powerful and clear condemnation! Don’t hurt the children.

On the site for Satanic Worshippers there is a picture of a statue. Satan is on a chair, and a boy and a girl stand by looking at him in adoration. The Bible condemns incest. Satanists embrace it.  Countries condemn incest, Satanists embrace it (first cousin marriages are actually okay in most states, and many countries – problems arise with  generations of the practice like with the monarchies of old)

There are seven tenets that go with The Church of Satan. They are used also by the Temple of Set (Egyptian God) and some of the other “churches” that are demonic in nature. The Church of Satan states that it does not worship satan. That may be the churches outlook, but being a member makes one a worshipper of Satan – In Satan’s eyes one becomes a worshipper of Satan. He IS real. I saw him in a doorway. A rather ethereal version of him. Someone asked him into my apartment (I certainly didn’t). I said The Lord’s Prayer over 100 times while going around to every space in my apartment.

There is Satanic worship, The Temple of Set, and other groups. Here are the seven tenets (when/if I mention that a place looks like it will be used by a Satanic group, look for seven pillars or seven of something). There is Satanism started by a man name LeVey. LaVey’s Satanism is supposedly a Satanic group that doesn’t believe that Satan exists. Yet, they believe in using magic. I am starting to think that a lot of people join these groups as a reaction to Christianity or some other group. They inadvertently get cause up worshipping Satan.


What catches my attention is that the tenets really say so little.

Down below is an explanation of LaVey’s The Satanic Bible.


Can I find anything that touches on sex with children or incest? I found some information on an extreme group in Germany. There have been girls from the area who have gone to seek help. The groups that do require people to have sex with children are going to keep this their secret. Just remember, the Satanic groups’ practices are opposite many Christian principals.


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