The Virus and Getting Rid of Demons and Devils

I had a worry, and then a thought. I asked God if I am right in my thinking and was told yes.

Just FYI – I hear sounds that make sense and they are either the correct sound for that spot being made in the normal fashion (someone closing a cabinet next door), or they are being made by God. Then, I hear sounds that don’t make sense (someone closing a cabinet and it comes from the ceiling – as an example), and they come from Satan. When I say, “Satan”, I mean that they come from any of a number of Satanic forces. Evil forces. To me, Satan refers to the head Satanic force whoever he is. My Angel on the right confirmed that Satan IS the Evil Being that runs Hell and Evil at any given moment. Up above, I use Satan as a Satanic force.

I was hearing Satanic noises. That tells me that Satanic forces do not want me to write this post.

I am worried about people, particularly those in a high risk group. I am worried that if they start the journey to turn towards God and they get the Virus, they will be unable to handle both. I asked if people are able to stop the process of getting rid of all Demons, etc., and tend to just the Virus if need be. I was told yes.

I highly recommend that any person who gets the Virus and is dealing with illnesses given them by Demons – stop, ask God to put your journey on hold. Both fighting a flu and allowing God to rid you of illnesses can take an inordinate amount of energy. I am just fortunate that my journey, except for one “illness”, was completed yesterday. Knowing how complex my case was, I would not start it today. You need to take into account your age. Have you gone to a number of Satanic services over your life span?

You will continue to need to rid yourself of demons even after you finish the journey. Yes, it’s disappointing, but it is how Satan works. When you are able to stop being around people who give out demons – well, then I think the job of getting rid of demons eases some.

This is really all I need to say. Godspeed and pray.

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