Story of a Strand of Garlic, From a Farm – Urgent

A relative of mine gave me a strand of garlic years ago. I kept it so long, that only the outside part of the strand survived. The white part. It was a decorative feature in my house and then in this apartment.

I know my relative would like to make more strands of garlic, or would ask her son and daughter to. The farm and farmer have come upon hard times. There are invaders at the farm – human and non human (carried in by humans no doubt). The invaders even went into the place where my relative’s son is doing good works. A few people looked like they were under duress.

I think the heroes of this story are everyday people. They are affected less by the invaders – or would have at least had less contact in the past. The invaders are not above using some forms of violence – possibly on the hands of the victims. Numbers might speak volumes. Suddenly appearing at the side of the four at one time. Whisking them away – asking about others.

I checked out Facebook to see what the players are up to. It looks like pruning is going on at the farm. It must pain the farmer who has worked so hard to have the invaders there. I don’t know what else to do to help. Check out Facebook. I will too. I need to look back at what my relative sent out.

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