I do not know how to add photos to my WordPress photo saver spot. I was given permission to add a number here. I can then delete them from this post, and access them later. This saves me a lot of time. Thank you for your patience.


These pictures I choose to leave here. They are taken at various times. Some demonstrate how I am able to “enjoy or savor the moment” even during times of turmoil.

God does want us to learn to do this. Nowadays, living in the moment is called “mindfulness”. During my lifetime, it has been called, “stopping to smell the roses”. I will have to cover what God and Jesus calls this. Some religious groups don’t work this concept into the religion at all. This should be included. Definitely! Even God stands back to enjoy his own handiwork.

IMG_3066 (3)IMG_3078 (2)66BD2E43-226D-4E3B-AFB3-6DAA6B4C00A0A6F2CCD4-6FB0-4520-B61D-3773CB70EDC59040ABD5-698F-46D1-97C7-FD73B6427CF45F0A5D1C-CF02-49BD-898A-65F080EB6DD1


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