Making God as Strong as He Can Be in a Short Time – Updates

A Prophecy does not necessarily come true. Somehow I changed the outcome of a prophecy. I want to wake God up. Shake him up a bit. He is somewhat complacent. I don’t think he feels we can win. I have seen first hand how powerful a force we – meaning all of you – can be.

God was lied to and deceived by Satan over 500 years ago. It is hard for him to be optimistic when Satan has been able to do what he has been doing: intervening in prayers coming to God. I need you to resend the prayers that you have completed in the past. BE SURE to pray to God and Christ often today: Pray to get ready to live turned towards God. This applies to prayers made to God in the pastI

I just woke up from a powerful nap and my thoughts are such that it takes all my energy to use this iPad.

I wil add more to this, but I need people the world over to pray for me and to pray for the Earth. Pray prayers that you made a while back.

I have posted the Lord’s prayer. All God needs you do do is to lead a Holy life, to ask that your sins be forgiven, and to forgive those who have sinned against you. You bow down before the One true God. Jesus Christ taught the Lord’s prayer. There may be a prayer from your religion that covers the points found in the Lord’s Prayer. You need the following points in a prayer:

The one God in Heaven, your name is holy, thy Kingdom will come in Heaven and on Earth. You give me sustenance Lord in Heaven. Forgive me my sins, and I forgive those who have sinned against me. The Devil will tempt me, but you will deliver me from him.

Have the above points in a prayer that you pray once a day, and more if needed.

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