TheAngels in Heaven and My Two Angels

The Angels in Heaven sing when they are very happy. I share these things with you, not to boast that they have happened, but these things need to be shared with as many people as possible. These events as they unfold, belong to all who are able to hear them. I do have slight tinnitus. I am fortunate as it doesn’t bother me. If I were to take the tinnitus and multiply it times 100 or much more, take out a bit of the tinnyness, this would be the sound that the Angels make when they sing. It is the sounds that I hear with my human on Earth ears. It is very uplifting and Holy. It is a beautiful sound coming from thousands of Heavenly Beings.

When I was born, I had two Angels by my side. I was gifted two Angels because of who I could turn out to be – I could turn out to be a somewhat powerful descendant of Christ. Christ’s Descendants have been abused by others, and particularly Satanic Followers since Christ’s time on Earth. The Satanic Worshippers have kept track of Descendants as they are discovered. For a while, my Angels were taken from me and replaced with Angel/Demons. Today, I realized that the beings with me were the same that had been with me for 22 years or more. I asked God to return my Angels to me. If that wasn’t possible, I asked that he please give me two Angels and not Angel/Demons.

I just asked the two Angels with me if they are the Angels who were with me at birth and I was told, “Yes”, in chorus. I said, “Yes, that makes me happy.”

I was born into a Satanic Worshipping family, led by a mother and father who did not want to be Satan Worshippers. They felt they had no choice. I have to ask many questions of these Angels to find out which stories I have been told over the last month are true and which are false.

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