I asked family what shows they were watching. My daughter recommended The Good Place. I have watched it already, but decided to watch it again. I remembered that in The Good Place, very few people are able to go to Heaven because of some flaw that developed. This reminded me that there was a flaw in place up until just a few weeks ago. The flaw may have been one that Satan put into motion 500 years ago. I don’t know.

Anyway, people were praying to God, only not all prayers meant for Heavenly God were going to him. Satan’s “Gods” could divert them. God wasn’t hearing from people and this bothered him. Of course it did. Here was one of those vicious circles. Finally, this flaw was corrected.

What a perfect opportunity. We need to pray often right now. We should be praying for all people on Earth. While we do this, please pray for some of the deceased people that you know. What if some of their prayers didn’t reach God? I asked. Some didn’t.

Now, when a person prays to Heavenly God, God knows when he is the intended receiver. Jesus, Christ in Heaven will know that he is the intended receiver if you are praying to Jesus Christ. We should not just pray to the Holy Spirit, though we can include him. We should not be praying to Saints. God makes this very clear. Don’t get me wrong. Most religions, including the ones that encourage praying to Saints, get a lot of things right. Praying to Saints happens to be wrong.

Here is the way I remember that God is human like in many ways. God created man in his own image. God gave us the emotions that he feels. God wants to be the one who helps us. He wants credit for helping us.

We must pray to God or to Jesus or both. They will both hear what they need to hear from out prayers. It is such a wonderful thing to thank God, Jesus, and the Heavenly Spirit. Praying to Saints started in the third century. There was never anything in the Bible that said this practice was approved by God.

I am asking and getting yes answers when I am correct. I am hearing answers from my Angels and from God (makes a sound like a creak in the wall – that I wouldn’t be hearing – not that often). If in doubt, I ask another time, and another…… The dead are able to hear our prayers that we pray to God and/or Jesus. So, someone could mention in a prayer to God that “so and so, who died” knows a certain item about them. Do not pray to the dead, however. Do not invoke the dead. Do not ask the dead for help. These activities border on the Satanic.

“Can they wear St. Christophers?” “YES”. “And other Saints’”. “YES”. “Do the Saints offer up prayers to God?”. “Yes”. I read about people, including a sect of a Jewish faith beseeching the help of very righteous people. (Wikipedia). “Does God consider beseeching the help of a Saint (or near Saint, or very righteous) as being idolatry?”. “YES!” This was what God replied and he just replied “YES!” again.

I do not doubt that my words (God’s words) will be cast aside by many. However, I think many people will see that this way of praying and suggesting that God listen to what a Saint or Holy person or Righteous person says – Well, it leaves it up to God. There is no doubt that there is idolatry involved.

REMEMBER: This isn’t a game or a contest, but the fight we are in sometimes does seem like a game or a contest. It is definitely a fight. That being said, the more God hears from us, the more people who turn to God, the stronger he becomes. “And That’s true.” “Yes”, from the Angels. Praying to God, and not Saints, will help God and all of us.

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