Prophecies and Numbers

I considered numerology to be more in line with Hell than Heaven. However, numbers do have meaning in Heaven, they just do not contain any power in and of themselves. 13 is seen to have power to the Satanic Worshippers. 3 is seen as being a representative of a trilogy, which can have a certain meaning. I do not view any number as being evil or good. However, some numbers have been used in prophecies and there are people out there who study they prophecies and look to see if any of the prophecies have unfolded.

I wanted to start talking about the numbers, but I was not ready to do so. However, on this date: 03/21/2020 at 4:21 or 4:20, I prayed to God. Actually, God reached out to me and asked me to pray. I get a sensation in my palms when I pray and I felt that in my left palm. So I prayed. I asked and found out that the extra pressure on my thumb and outer hand was my Dad. I am so proud of him, so I will mention him now and then. After all, it is all the good and the bad that we have encountered that make us who we are at the present moment.

I asked for guidance. I talked to my dad and told him that I wish I had been with him earlier – before he passed. I was held up, partly because I was resistant to being pushed, but mostly because gangstalkers made me believe that there was something wrong with my car. I really should say, “Satan, in the form of gangstalkers and demons in me, made me believe that if I drove too fast (above 65 on the freeway), that the car could break down.” There is one example of why people should immediately stop doing gangstalking. Almost all of the gangstalking done against me, if not all, was due to Satan. Satan is the great deceiver.

I believe that God wants me to say that you can talk or pray to deceased family members through him. There is something in what I wrote prior to this that has to do with a prophecy.

Yesterday, 03/20/2020, the first day of Spring, at 3:20, I was standing on soil or on our Mother Earth and I was praying. I was finishing up a month long journey that included: frequent prayers to banish or cast out devils, demons, Satanic forces of any type, evil Gods and Goddesses, Ra, Set (in my case); prayers of thanks to be able to serve God; prayers asking for guidance; and other prayers. The journey included watching what I eat and looking for signs of what supplements or foods I needed with a process that speeds up healing.

The healing of my ankle started even earlier than a month ago – it is an extra long process. I broke my ankle in January 2014. Dr. Harf was my surgeon at Petaluma Valley Hospital. My fainting or syncope event was caused by a person wearing a Satanic suit. The way in which my full weight went onto one ankle was caused by a person wearing a Satanic suit. I had a thin plate with 4-5 screws on one side and in one bone. I had a long screw on the other side going through the other bone. It sounds painful, but I was blessed with a fairly high tolerance for pain. Plus, adrenaline and shock masked a lot of the pain I think. A high tolerance for pain is one of the qualities I have. The women in my family seem to have a high tolerance even though they are red heads. Are red heads supposed to have a high tolerance? I can’t keep it straight.

I could have been born a red head and still be doing this work. I just asked because red heads have been discriminated against. It is really important that we stop judging – period. But, that we stop judging red heads in a negative light because we associate them with Satan. God creates all in us, except for the times Satan mixes “his seed in” with another man’s seed. However, I have checked: even that child/person has the ability to turn towards God.

One great message. One of the most important messages that I bring from God is: “JUDGE NOT LEST THEE BE JUDGED!”

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