Pray, That All Who Need Help With Demon Caused Medical Issues Will Receive Help – Corona Virus Needs to receive priority

I was trying to tell an in law how to help someone “beat” their demons. And then I stopped. I realized that not everyone would receive divine intervention in fighting off their demons. God needs to offer that help to all peoples. It is the right and just action to take. It also will get God ahead of Satan. God needs that. Something happened around 1500 that caused a great decline in God’s power. We need to reverse this trend.

Please pray.

I’m almost 65. Recovering from the demons being gone took all my energy. Something to keep in mind if God “fixes” this problem. I feel responsible and have deep regrets that people started on a journey based on what I said. I said that without knowing all the ramifications.

I just prayed again. I was told yes. People who have started the process should start healing from the Demons’ curses. Watch what happens to them.

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