What I Know, What You Might Want to Know, and Leaving Some Answers For the Future – or Not

I assume many of you have some big questions about who I am and what my role is. I am not sure exactly what my role is at this point. Here I am writing a post on a blog. God is letting me write a post for my blog.

I have asked if there are many persons in the world who are like me, and the angels have indicated “yes”. I can see how having multiple “strong” descendants of Christ at the “helm” if you will could be effective. It is an ingenious plan if I am right. God planned this thousands of years ago.

Why me? I can only begin to answer this one. I know that I have been scrutinized for days and days because: I am a woman, I am a single woman, I am divorced, I was accused of stalking a man, and I was set up (but I take responsibility for my actions) during a con that used drugs and powers of suggestion (to put it mildly).

Before I forget, I can still be drugged – and worse…. Please pray.

Here are some points that might help everyone make sense of my selection.

  • I take in more from my environment than most people. You could say that I am highly sensitive to. my environment. I believe that myself and people like me are more easily affected by the drugs and powers of the demons. The angels have confirmed more than once that I am indeed easily affected.
  • I am a woman who has gone through a number of trials and tribulations. Some of the horrible sins committed against me are just now being “told” to me. I sometimes have dreams that help me have insight into a piece of my history. Christ’s descendants have been sought out and abused since early on. Satan wants our souls, and will do anything and say anything to get them. What I have been going through since I was born is part of Satan’s plan to get my soul. He may take my life, but he won’t get my soul.
  • Note: When I use the term Satan, I am not referring to a specific deity. There is a deity in charge of all of the demonic beings, but his name is not Satan.
  • Because of the trials and tribulations, I hope to better connect with women and their concerns. Of course, all person’s concerns count, but women’s needs have not been addressed fully before.
  • I have been one of thousands of descendants of Christ who has been the focus of satanic rituals my whole life. I’m leaving it at that for now. I’ll just say that everything Satanic is the reverse of everything Christian. We obey the laws regarding incest. Some, not all, Satanic worshippers purposely disobey these laws. I was raised, for the most part, in a family whose parents practiced Satanic worship.
  • I still don’t truly remember any of the “worship services” – Satanic services. Date rape drugs are used on the victims. Then, somehow, new memories are created. I keep thinking of the “flashy thing” in Men in Black.
  • I truly had very little sense of “color” when I was young. By color, I mean color of skin. I went home after school with Diane one time and Bonnie the other. I thought nothing of it. Diane lived close to the school. She had a mother who was Mexican (I assume) and a father who was white caucasian. Bonnie’s parents lived close to the school. He mother was Asian (Japanese I believe). Her father was of Scottish descent.
  • I don’t think I even understood what Bonnie’s and Diane’s parents were dealing with until very recently. The anti mixed marriage law was done away with in California in 1947. The law may have been gone, but I bet it was a struggle to be accepted.
  • I felt a bit of a shock when I saw 1947, but I should not have been surprised. When you read the New Testament, you start to understand how truly “color-blind” Jesus had to have been. He also accepted women in a way others had not.
  • I can relate to older persons. I turn 65 in April. I risk telling you that my birthday is in April. God and Christ are concerned with the big “to do” we make out of some anniversaries. So, I will be keeping it low key. It is okay to celebrate birthdays.
  • Please. If you have not read the New Testament, you have to in order to understand how we fight Satan at this crucial juncture.
  • I have a very strong sense of justice and right and wrong. I have been irate many times over gangstalkers doing things that are truly illegal (and hateful).
  • I am highly sensitive to outside stimuli, I try to be color-blind, I have a very strong sense of right versus wrong, justice versus injustice.
  • Lineage has something to do with qualifying. I have a strong lineage, for lack of a better term. All four of my grandparents were descendants.
  • I had a Devil called Set in me most of my life. I know some things because of this.
  • I know what victims of gangstalking go through. God wants gangstalking to STOP NOW!

That is enough for now. I might add on tomorrow.

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