The Angels Are Singing, Good Morning 03/20/2020, and 3:20 in the Afternoon

I am here. Thanks to the Angels, God, Christ in Heaven, my Angels, and your prayers, here I am. I have a task to do this afternoon and then this part of my journey is complete.


AFTERNOON TASK: I have been going to multiple types of locations to pray to God and to continue with a four week long transformation. This afternoon, I chose a church in the 415 area code. There is something significant about it. It may be a verse. 4 15. I believe that I have finished my transformation.

I prayed and asked that those joining me and I could spar (disagree) gracefully and with kind words. That we would keep the common goal and common good in mind.


From Last Night:

The angels are singing again. They must know something that I don’t. There are many like me all over the world. That would be something to sing about.

Meanwhile, I do think these suits and others want me to “convert”. What they don’t know is that God now understands what part “duress” covers. Under duress doesn’t count. They would take me to the local Satanic Worship place.

I am at a hotel. I think it is right over the border from American Canyon, and is in Vallejo. It is an older hotel, but is clean and everything works. Oh, they must have had to scramble because I pulled a fast one – again. I saw this place and went for it – before they could make sure their people were here. So, you have a place to visualize.

This is the last night because I started this whole process a month ago, tomorrow.

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