A Little Like Bilbo Baggins – Angels Upset at Suits

I feel a little like Bilbo Baggins. I do like adventures, but in between I like to return home. I feel like Bilbo in that I have no say in the part I play; I’m sort of whisked along. However, I’m happy to be able to serve, and I hope I can make a difference. I KNOW I can make a difference. I have already. I have been made aware of take place in the future – up to 50 years in the future.

I couldn’t access my WordPress account for a while. Maybe I wasn’t supposed to/wasn’t allowed to.

February 20, I started on a journey. TO BE CONTINUED. AN ANGEL POKED AND SAID TO GO.

I went and explored a bit and got into a room safely. I took a piece of metal, Duct tape, and a shoelace and rigged the door so I don’t think suits could take this contraption apart. If they get it apart, then beings dressed as themselves can enter. I have two containers of pepper spray. Oh, there is a loud alarm that will go off if the door or the window shutter is moved. The alarm will wake me. One of the pepper sprays has a velcro strap, so it can be wrapped around my hand ready to go (Dick’s Sporting Goods).

A suit is a person who is using Satanic invisibility material. I think. That is what I picture from what I know and have seen.

I have told the suits that they really don’t want to make me a martyr. This is the third night in a row that I have had to take such precautions. I plan on taking a picture of a lock that I use and posting that at some point.


This morning I woke up to angels singing. It’s high pitched but pleasant. It’s uplifting to hear them sing.

Right now, the angels are very upset that the suits are here and want to hurt me. They are not singing. They are upset. I prayed and told God to let the angels know that I appreciate their concern for me. The sound of the angels is getting pretty loud. It’s similar to singing, but very strident and grating. It’s hard, particularly for some guys, to listen to a high pitched voice for any time at all. I know. My voice is somewhat high pitched.

On to the next post.


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