Heanly Father, Jesus Christ, Children of Christ and Holy Spirit

Late last night I continued to ask questions. Earlier in this journey, Demons did not have to answer my questions truthfully. But, over time, they have had to answer more and more. If I say, In God’s name, two or more times before a question they appear to have to answer me truthfully. Try this. There have to be millions if not billions of people all over the earth- every race, culture religion. This is the second coming of Christ, but it is Christ’s children. Jesus Christ wants to save the earth along with this current REPRESENTATIVE OF THE DESCENDANTS OF CHRIST. HOWEVER, HE DIED ON THE CROSS SO WE CAN GO TO HEAVEN AND, THISE LIVING NOW TO LIVE AND LIVE ON HEAVEN ON EARTH – WHEN WE DEFEAT SATAN.

Items have slowly been taken out of my apartment, but it escalated the last few days.

They have a problem. I refuse to die and I refuse to give up. I think they have tried to get me to a number of ceremonies, but I put locks on doors, sleep in the bathroom. Such brave people. I don’t think I have shown my sarcastic side.

I need your prayers to God. I cannot do this without you. Not at all. Pray for Christ. Pray to the Holy Spirit.

I FORGAVE ALL PERSONS WHO LIVE AND WHO HAVE EVER LIVED ON EARTH. I ASKED and was told that was possible. I can not handle this burden. I asked Christ to carry this burden. You see, we must forgive all people as Christ showed us. If we do not, Satan will make great strides. He has been allowed to get away with more than he should have. Pray that other’s sins are forgiven, pray that your sins are forgiven, ask Christ to have others forgive the sins you did to them. Whether you had a choice or not, or even know of them.

It is a new age. All this is prophesied I have been told.

Get caffeine tablets, but throw away any more than those you need. It tells you how many mg of caffeine is in each tablet. Many of you are drugged in order for them to get you to meetings. People need to see what happens. Write small notes and hide them, IF SAFELY ABLE. Satan makes people forget. It is through remembering that we can face this horrid demon. You may have false memories. Look for pictures in yearbooks that don’t quite make sense. You may not be able to see them but try. IT IS SATAN WHO IS THE MASTER PHOTO, VIDEO AND AUDIO MANIPULATOR.

This is one reason we must forgive others. Others have been manipulated by Satan. Christ’s descendants have been abused since Christ. We have to make this stop.

Bless you and keep you for the next 15 hours. I will be praying all night.

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