Everyone, Needs to Pray Until 6:00 A.M. Tomorrow, Pacific Time.

SANTAN is able to change EVERY clock. To prevent this deception from working, pray until 9:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time. If you send out messages to people, proofread it over and again right before you hit send. Then, look at your message after it is sent.

The rituals tonight are going to be used to install a new Most High World Priest and Priestess and 12 disciples. I am not sure of the titles. These ceremonies filled with rituals are at Satanic Temples. Satanic Temples can be found in houses, and any buildings. I have asked God to help you begin to see where these temples are near you. Yes. Go out and look around for an hour. You will locate one, or one in progress.

Look for:

  • The use of copper
  • The use of CEMENT, glass, brick
  • Tops of any structures that look like pyramids
  • Areas with an abundance of parking,
  • I will post more about this in an hour or so.

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