CONSPIRACY THEORY These Christ like people need protection from Satan: Bill Clopton,Andrea TAVENIER, Andrea TAVENIER’s parents, Dennis Vollmer, Pat Vollmer, Jared Vollmer, Jared’s Wife, Jared’s son Linda Clopton, Violet, Ann and her daughters, the friend that Jason has had since high school. They made a film together, his girlfriend

Jason Clopton is a Satan worshipper

these people need help  they need to be protected from Jason Clopton and Dennis Vollmer’s grandson:

Bill Clopton, Linda Clopton, Andrea TAVENIER, Violet TAVENIER, Ann – Jason’s girlfriend and her two daughters, all the people who were at Andria’s house to celebrate Violet’s birthday  those who stayed throughout

we need help fighting the neighbor from across the street also – long straight beard

We need help from JJ Arseneau and a blond lady who stopped by  she used to be Jason’s good friend’s wife

help – Vanessa, Haley, luis, Andrea TAVENIER’s parents,


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