UPDATE Use the Wisdom/Knowledge That God Has Given You to Help Yourself Manage Your Fear – Blogging is calming me down. I use murder mysteries to calm me down also. God knows this, he knows why they calm me down. Do not judge. Judge not, lest thee be judged.

Using your breathing to calm down. If you breathe too fast, you risk becoming hyperventilated. One way to avoid this is to breathe in deeply to a certain count I am using 5. THEN, you exhale one more count out. I count to six.

OR just be very aware of your breath. I know this because of people who God has brought into my life.

God has given me the information that I need right now to survive so that I can continue to do his work. We never know who or what God will use to help us, even demons. I have dreamt   My dreams have given me information that I need to know – to protect me and to allow my mind to remember horrible things that have happened to me. I cannot remember it all at once. That could harm my mind. I could end up in a mental institution if my mind is not protected. Any person can end up with a mental illness. Do NOT JUDGE THEM. HELP THEM AND GET HELP.

God created me. I have a combination of unique qualities that, put together, make me who I am. I look for the good in things, or, at least what can I learn from things. I am able to “mourn quickly”, particularly when it is a material item that has been lost. I can be way too wordy. I have learned to write more concisely, and sometimes to erase half of what I write. God has taught me how to edit.

I always am looking for answers. I always look to see what good has come out of something happening. For example, there have actually been times when I have said that I am blessed to have bipolar disorder. Yes, blessed.

I am going to “talk” in this post – the way I often talk in my head to myself. I have met some absolutely wonderful people while I have been in mental hospitals.  I have learned so much from them. I feel emotional right now.

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