Thank You for Praying Satan, Devils, and Demons Were All Cast Out From Me, and Are Starting to Return. I know that I now know all the steps you need to follow. I had left out FOREVER. THEY NEED TO BE CAST OUT FOREVER. THIS PROCEDURE IS THE SAME ONE TO USE TO HELP SOMEONE WHO WANTS THE EVIL IN HIM OR HER TO BE CAST OUT. *

Please use this now, and use it as a guide. Non descendants, of course may have evil in them. This is possession. We must stop judging others. Good people can be possessed and not be able to pray to get rid of that evil. We cannot continue to persecute others because, in our opinion, that person would not be possessed if he or she had prayed harder. That is like the way witches were tried  Look up Witches thrown in water

You are not to judge or persecute people. If you help a group relentlessly persecute someone,  and that person commits suicide, you have committed murder. God COMMANDS you to stop. You must pray about all your sins, but particularly about persecuting others. God Commands that you stop, but he also knows that some of you are being threatened, loved ones threatened. God knows all. He knows why you continue to have to persecute, gangstalk, shun.

Pray and stop as soon as you can. Shunning is persecution. It is psychological torture. Anyone can be pushed into committing suicide even if they have no demons. Very good, holy people can be pushed into committing suicide. People can SUFFER from mental ILLNESS, through no fault of theirs. Stop judging.

If you are being blackmailed, you have to admit your guilt, so that hold is no longer over you. Satan loses his grip on you. You must do that.

Hopefully, I have it right in the following post. Please pray for me.

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