Prayer to Cast Out Satan, and Keep Satan Away *

God did not provide an answer just now, so I knew something was not right. Any person in the world is able to cast out Satan from themselves if they follow the guidelines below. ANYONE. Model prayer.

Kneel and raise your hands and eyes towards God, sit with your eyes raised towards Heaven and your hands raised towards Heaven and God, as you are able. If you must be in a different position for health or strength reasons, of course God understands and listens. Muslim descendants, right now, and for this type of prayer must have your hands raised and look towards God in Heaven. Your words are used to prostate yourself. Say this type of prayer out loud

“GOD. I bow down before you.  I do your will (in this prayer, say GOD throughout). You command me God. I am your servant. I believe in you God now and always. You have always been with me. You will always be with me. I must cast out evil. I MUST CAST OUT DOUBT. I know that I am able to do this with your help

In the name of God, I command Satan and all his devils and demons including the demons of …….. ( name as many family members, friends, their spouses, from your past and in your present as you can think of) to be cast out from me forever. Thy will be done God. In God’s name  Amen” 

Good people have had to put demons in you also. Women and men are able to have demons


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