“Casting Out Demons, Devils, and Satan” Last updated, 5:10 a.m.

NOTE: Pray to God NOW and ask for his help keeping the words you are using from the Demons, Devils, and Satan.  Repeat this prayer often.


NOTE – when you do this for yourself, with the help of others, you may vomit   I did not, but you might have diarrhea   Be sure to urinate

Most of those people have chosen to follow Satan with their hearts, some have not  God knows who is who   Some, will be horrified to learn that there will be genocide   Christians and Jews pitted against Muslims      White Caucasians, and Asians, pitted against all others

I need to get all of the following written and posted tonight.

I have been casting out demons for at least two days. I can and have done this. It took numerous trial and errors. Each time making more progress

These are the components that must be included to cast out any and all entities from Satan’s realm.

DESCENDANTS – You must pray to the ONE GOD. You are a descendant. Your heritage comes from Christ, the sin of God. Not all who follow your religious practices have to pray to one god to be accepted into God’s Kingdom, but  YOU HAVE TO PRAY TO GOD or GOD AND JESUS CHRIST.  The one God. Not a Saint, not solely to Jesus Christ, not to God and another God. Father is fine for some prayers, but for casting out, you have to use the word, God, if you wish to be successful.

THE PHYSICAL BODY  Bowing down  You must look upwards towards Heaven, hold your hands up, palms upwards,   Your hands need not be raised above head height. To the sides at head height is good,  If you are not able to raise your hands up they may be lower with palms towards Heaven

you apart, pointer fingers towards Heaven, the three other rs form a natural curve downwards ,  This is the same position many artists have used

“God, I bow down before you Lord  ,  I do your will,  You are always near me, and you have always been near me  ,  You command me  I am your servant God,     I am here to serve you

I need your help, I cannot cast out Demons without you


ADDED: Megan from Technology Middle School

I cast out the demons of Satan, all Devils, and ___________ from Shelley Ann Switzer Campbell: Dennis Vollmer, Jared Vollmer, Lyndsey Vollmer, Mr. Richardson, former teacher at Petaluma High School, Julia Megna, Julie Elias, catina Haugen, Steve Garner,   Todd Campbell, his spouse Cathy,  Brian Campbell, his spouse Nabeela Aijaz, her family members, and Laura Campbell   (Of course, not all of these people put demons into me, but I am covering main possibilities)

Fred Switzer, Shirley Martin Switzer, Buddy Martin, Genie Martin, all four of their children, the children’s spouses and children, Ida Clark Martin, Shirley Martin (grandfather), Bob, Joe, and Gayle Switzer along with their spouses and children

ADDED: Patti and Ken Martinez, Ashlynn Martinez, Shawnna (Martinez) Penney, Ashlynn Martinez, Paula Montanez, Eugene Montanez, Bobby and Angela Montanez

ADDED – state again – Brian Campbell

ADDED: Linda and Bill Clopton, Damian Clopton and Ashley, Jason Clopton, Vanessa Clopton, Andrea Tavernier, Judy and Larry Summers, Brandi and Marc Wallin, Ryan Fields, Mike and Andrea Summers, Janet, David, and Daniel Sanders, and John Sanders, and John’s sister and her husband, Dan


In your name, God, Amen

ALL SATAN’S SERVANTS, AND SATAN WILL DO WHAT THEY CAN TO BLOCK YOU – They might turn off your phone or computer

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