In My Opinion, I Do Not Consider Myself Special or Better Than Most Others. I Happen to Have Qualities That Are Needed at This Moment in Time to Do What God Needs Someone to Do

One reason God wants a woman to be relaying his message is to emphasize that women are as important as men.

ALL PARTS OF THE BIBLE NEED TO BE READ  The demons have used my blogging to control my time and me  I have to refer you to other sources  I don’t know the future, but I am pretty sure that I have to use my time and energy wisely

Please reread the parts of the New Testament where Jesus interacts with women. The part where Jesus wants a woman to stay at his feet is meant to be a lesson showing how important it is for women to learn and think.

There is the part in John where Jesus is being tested: “Let him who has not sinned, cast the first stone.” This is a lesson telling us that it is only up to God to judge others (he has no sin), and that this woman, who committed adultery, was able to be forgiven. Only women were stoned for adultery – not men. We are not to judge, but Jesus is showing us that we should not be the judge of a woman committing adultery. One of the Ten Commandments.

I just asked the demons. They have been commanded by me to answer my questions truthfully. The story of Adam and Eve was put in the Bible by men and that was not God’s wish. He wanted men and women to be equal – from their creation. There was an Adam and Eve. There was not an apple or serpent (Devil) TEMPTING her. If there had been a Devil tempting her,and she had bitten the apple, she was a human being. She would not have been able to resist.

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