Another Scenario of Ridiculous Proportions, and Do You ReallyWant ME as Your Martyr?

I will have to cover the scenario. Maybe or maybe not

When I die, DWs, what will they say at my autopsy? I could very well be wrong, but it feels like something happened to the hardware in my ankle. You know – the plate and four screws, plus the long plate on the other side. I asked that anything put into me by Satan be removed. I will see how my ankle is tomorrow morning. Oh, you can’t break that one. That would be evidence of a miracle.

You really don’t want me as a martyr. Look around. More, maybe tomorrow.

The night I was given LSD – I was also given a date rape drug. All three were there. The third’s demonic possession happened in 2016. V’s and J’s happened a year ago plus. This entailed all types of horrid sexual acts. That is what Devil Worshippers are about. Of course knowing the details shook me up, but God now knows. I wish my words could convey my horror and absolute disgust.

All three demons may have been sent to God where he could destroy them. Ingenious.

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