Good Versus Evil

I don’t know too many specifics about what might happen in the upcoming conflict. I do know that one goal the DWs have is to take over the United States – claim it for the devils who work for Satan. (DWs – Devil Worshippers)

One strategy they will use is to use people’s fears to divide people. Right now, one big fear among some people is our country’s immigration problem. They see Latinos as the best target. Yes, we need to address border and immigration issues. However, one group is again being singled out. Look over the article by Wikipedia to find answers to your immigration questions. “Immigration to the United States”.

Like every big issue, the history of immigration is complicated. The current issues are complex. Basically, in 2016, 27% of the immigrants to the United States were from Asia, 26% were from South America, 24% were from other Latin American countries, and 13% were from Europe and Canada. One section to read is the one that discusses how the United States’ intervention (good or bad) has drastically influenced the number of immigrants coining from Latin countries other than Mexico.

The United States goes in to help a country. Often, those left in power benefit people in the United States in some way. The people in power can end up being authoritarian governments working with big companies (one reason). People truly ARE fleeing for their lives – mainly because of actions the United States has taken.

Please understand that I truly care deeply about this country. I am proud of so much that we have accomplished. This country, that was and is still “an experiment” has grown and flourished. There are absolutely horrible parts of our history that lay hidden away until recently.

When I started working as a teacher in Riverside, California in 1977, the Indian school in town had only closed the year before. This was one of the schools that at some point would TAKE CHILDREN AWAY FROM THEIR PARENTS, make them wear “American” clothing while cutting off their hair, making them speak only English, among other offenses. This is but one example of transgressions committed against but one group of people different from the Western Europeans who conquered and settled this country.

I need to write more later or tomorrow. There is an EXTREMELY important issue that I need to address before going on. Very urgent and it involves everyone who wants to keep Devil Worshippers from insidiously take over this country, using sensitive and complex political issues to divide us, using our human fears to divide us (not too different from WWII), and spreading their filth of a distorted religion (and the fear that they use), to conquer US!

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