Demons, Angels, Why Men AND WOMEN Must Question, Please Pray

I Also, descendants cannot destroy any entity/being. Pray that I am able to finish what I need to say. I have prayed. They are trying to make me sick to my stomach now. Pray that they have to not interfere in any way with anything in or on my body. Health. I now must pray kneeling with arms raised and say my prayers outloud.   I did pray, but now I need to post

They – make me have symptoms of low potassium, then high potassium  I now can tell by reading my own symptoms what the problem is

There is a belief among some of you, that because I am a descendant of Christ, I should be able to do what Christ was able to do.

Christ was not able to destroy. He cast out demons, but he did not destroy them. I can banish or cast out Dennis Vollmer’s demon, but he returns. I cannot cast out J.J. Arseneau’s demon. He is too strong for ME to cast out. Other Descendants are able to cast out demons like J.J.’s. In fact, they are even able to cast out a demon such as the one Jared Vollmer has access to. I was made to think that Jared’s demon was with me – that was not the truth.

Thank all of you who are here in the name of God.

Some people may believe that I should not have been able to be influenced by these TWO DEMONS 22 years ago. That I would not have been able to be manipulated by V’s demon alone. It took V’s and J’s demon to make me become attracted to V after months and months of trying.

God wants these demons to be taken away from my side forever. He wants me to be away from all demons forever. I need help to accomplish this. I need help because they will now kill me. I can pray. I can keep guessing whether my potassium is low or high, but they will continue to add barriers so that I will eventually not be successful. I have had the help of Angels, but I need help from you. God needs you to help me.

Some of you may be asking why I tolerated these demons for as long as I have. For a long time, once I was aware of their presence (almost two years ago). I had no idea what was going on. Somewhere along the way, God made it so that SOME OF THE TIME, BUT NOT ALL, the demons had to help me and answer my questions. Yes, God was able to do that.

Not all demons, but these two actually have a tiny bit of Angel in them. These two understand many human emotions. Of course, they used that to their advantage when they could.  They are again able to try to kill me. They really would like to get me to commit suicide. That is what they truly want.

Right now, I am nauseous, so I dare not eat, and I feel faint. They did all they could to prevent me from using my phone or coming to use a library computer. I prayed and can use my phone. It must be God’s will that they are able to continue to wreck havoc with me, because they are doing so. One of them reminded me that their true, ultimate goal is to get me to allow a Devil or Satan into my life and then have me commit suicide. Yes, J’s Demon is once again saying “don’t blow it” to me when I try to stop one of them from reaching their goal. For months, “don’t blow it meant that I needed to be careful not to give away that they were helping me, or some such thing.

Right now, D’s Devil is making my chest hurt. He does this just to cause me pain, try to make me do things, and to tell me that my potassium is low. A few weeks back, these two demons, under the direction of Denis Vollmer and JJ Arseneau had me at a breaking point. I was willing to do something to get them to stop. Yes, it was a deal with the Devil, but I thought it was a deal with J.J. and Dennis.

Of course, they were deceiving me to some extent and I was blind to what they were doing. THEY had the deal with the Devil and had I proceeded they thought that I would be promised to the Devil forever. I realized what they were doing – by asking these Demons questions and I stopped. The pain was horrible.

They want me to commit suicide because they mistakenly believe that everyone who commits suicide will go to Satan. That is just not true. Do you think that the innocent OR guilty Mormon women who have committed suicide due to gengstalking/Devil Worship have gone to Satan. Of course not. God knows when people are innocent or guilty AND WHEN DEMONS AND GANGSTERS HAVE PUSHED THEM TO SUICIDE. He does not want us to judge people. He does NOT WANT US TO HURT OTHERS PHYSICALLY OR EMOTIONALLY TO PUSH THEM TO SUICIDE.  He is the one who will judge. “judge not lest thee be judged.” Gangstalkers have been judging. They have particularly been judging women. In this extreme paternalistic society, men can commit grievous sins and not be gangstalked. Women can THINK about another man and be essentially murdered? This is one way those men who want to keep the status quo are able to do so.

Even if I had not prayed AND BEEN FORGIVEN BY GOD, you would have no right to judge me or gangstalk me. You have no right to judge me or gangstalk me even if you KNOW DOWN DEEP IN YOUR SOUL THAT I STALKED DENNIS VOLLMER. JUDGING IS UP TO GOD. BREAKING THE LAW IS SUPPOSED TO HANDLED BY THE JUDICIAL SYSTEM.PERIOD!

One of the reasons women have gone along with this system for so long is that they have not been allowed to think, question, and learn. Men are taught to not question many things, but not to the extent women have been. Good men need to work with good women to correct this. It will take time, but we don’t have too much time to get ahead of Satan and the horrid Devil Worshippers and their abominable practices.

This painting caught my eye.


I have caught a few eyes, noticed gestures. I do tend to notice things.

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