Mormon Men and Women, Helping Women Thrive Part I Draft

Because the Devil Worshippers (DWs) attacking me are mostly Mormon, I need to address this to Mormons at large. There is another, much larger group of DWs active in the United States. Many of them need to hear the same words. I hope they are reading along also.

The DWs are able to be successful, in part because of some aspects of the Mormon culture. I was able to go to Salt Lake City in 2016 to visit Temple Square. In was the final stop of a trip that started with me picking up hundreds of family photos, boxes of slides, and tapes from my ex husband. The timing of the trip was based on my ex’s need to go to China for work. 

I had driven through Salt Lake City many times, but I had never had the opportunity to stop there. I learned a lot about the early Mormons. One thing I came away with was the idea that Mormon women played an essential role in the journey across the country. There is the statue of the couple working together to pull a small wagon. I have been thinking a lot about Mormon women and the roles they play in the Mormon community.

What I don’t understand is why Mormon women are not allowed to thrive within their society. Both men and women have expectations to fulfill and roles to play. However, Mormon women appear to be discouraged from learning how to take information and decide if the information is credible. In other words, is the information on an internet site as accurate as the author can make it.

In order to do that, a person needs to learn how to ask questions about the topic one is reading about. A person needs to know how to ascertain what the author’s bias might be, and if the author is using correct information to back up what he is saying.

Here is an error most people have made if they use Facebook. I have sent ahead

Personal Note: I have been staying up much later than I should. I try to go to sleep by 10:00. My parents would not go to bed until after the 10 o’clock news. That was pretty much accepted by a number of people at the time. I finally reached the conclusion that I need to have lights out right around 10. I figured out a few days ago or so that these Demons have been keeping me hyper focused on my blog. So focused that I feel that I absolutely must finish a post before bed. Also, that I must post the next blog so that I don’t lose those thoughts. Yes, they can do those types of things and more.

I am just going to write a few notes here so I have the ideas down if I decide to use them.

Facebook – family member posting posts that I knew were not in alignment with his views

family member using the term Christian when she was referring to very far right people who say they are Christians

A mistake or two that I have made

My disgust with Nancy Pelosi when I learned she had torn up the speech. Despite my being a democrat.

Going along with many people who think Mitt Romney is a hero. Impeachment hearing.

You would be able to find the information on Mitt Romney by Googling his name and impeachment hearings. You can look up the Nancy Pelosi issue. I don’t know if anyone called her out on it. Keep in mind that this is just a tiny part of her government work. I don’t know much about her yet.

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