I believe that I came very close to dying. I felt like I was going to pass out. Your prayers, contacts with others, my prayers, and God and Christ saved me. I am continuing to ingest potassium at a slower rate. VITALLY IMPORTANT:If your levels are normal, it is not hard to overdose. That is why supplements only come in amounts of 2% RDA. You can overdose with food. You normally should not need supplements, but just have to reflect on your diet every once in a while to check if you are getting foods with potassium EARLIER: NOTHING HAS HAPPENED THIS MEANS PEOPLE AT THE TOP ARE ALLOWING MURDER. I FEEL FAINT. TELL YOUR LOCAL DEVIL WORSHIPPER – PLEASE PRAY. Three Human Devils – have told demons to keep drawing potassium out of my body. And they are giving me a stimulant so my heart will defibrillate.

V, J, and the 3rd,

– I need to say something. I have had a fantastic life. I plan to have more fantastic days, hours, minutes, seconds ahead. I said it that way to help you understand one reason why I am still here (and why V and J get so gosh darn angry). I can be distraught one minute, fairly much recover, and enjoy a rainbow or make a joke the next minute. They are totally mystified by this.

– Today, this is called mindfulness. You can look it up. Google it. You might see that it is a type of meditation and immediately close your mind to this concept. Please don’t. There are MANY Bible verses that talk about being mindful or “in the moment.”  I guess you could say that God wants us to practice mindfulness. This goes with sayings like: don’t let the worries of the future take away from the joy of the moment. I may have made that up, but it similar to many.

Now back to pure evil, this time in the form of three living devils. So, for months I was being fed salt. My potassium level at one point was one point below the dangerous point. I have found very many ways to obtain potassium. I had to take prescription potassium years ago. I know potassium.

I be

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