A Devil Versus an Angel

Before I tell the main story:

Lucky/Safeway/Lucky – WATCH OUT FOR THIS VICTIMS – You are not crazy

I went into Lucky’s tonight to get ice  I stopped at the produce, turned and headed to the far end of the store  I saw the bananas and remembered that I needed bananas  Then my mind had a minor shock to it as I was looking at the far side of Lucky’s  I had already passed the bananas  I was a bit shaken up, but this was more due to the fact that some entity could make that happen

I felt like a picture had been placed in my line of vision  A picture that I have seen a hundred times: the produce section at Safeway/Old G and G

I picked up ice and a few things and turned a corner  A lady was heading right at me with her grocery cart  Her head was turned looking at a 90 degree angle to the side  She turned her head and we avoided colliding

I mulled that over for a minute  I had immediately sensed that something wasn’t right  She was overly distracted  Then, I remembered my “miracle”

A Devil versus an Angel. I finally figured out what happened when a miracle saved me. Years back, I was driving east bound on Washington. I was at the traffic light on Washington near FedX and Jack in the Box.  There was no traffic, so I started my turn. There was traffic all around me, but everything was surreal.

The cars were moving in slow motion. If it were a movie, I would have been looking through a wall of water – thin, see through, but blurry. All of a sudden, I was back in real time completing the turn. An Angel had saved me-moving me and my car to safety. It was truly a miracle, and I am so blessed to be here  to tell about it

Dozens of people would have been killed and maimed  The Devil Worshippers play with fire, but sometimes it gets out of control  They are all about control, but no person or group has that kind of control  The Devil was promised my soul and he went to take it then and there

Do the DWs even know what almost happened? They do now  I kept asking, “Do you read my blog?”  I felt like they felt they were too full of knowledge to resort to reading something a woman wrote  ——This started 22 years ago.   V knows ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about his victim

Devil Worshippers play with fire  They have demons and make pacts with Devils  When I finally figured out that mere humans had control of demons, I literally and figuratively shook my head and said, “No human should have a demon  No one!” I have come up with all types of scenarios regarding demons and humans.    Awful scenarios  I will get into those soon


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