UPDATE 7:47 Heaven and Hell Comment on Homosexuality

– NOTE ON HOMOSEXUALITY- Regular Mormons who do not gangstalk are NOT trying to harm homosexuals- they probably don’t harm people. At one point I was told that all Mormons Gangstalk. I apologize. Thank goodness that is the case. One thing you could look up on Google is: the suicide rate among gay youth in Utah. The suicide rate has tripled among youth ages 10-17 in Utah since 2007. That is a huge jump. It is based on percentages- not numbers. SUICIDE IS THE LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH AMONG CHILDREN AGE 10-17.

– CORRECTION BELOW – Talking about incest to people who are Devil worshippers, but do not practice incest: “There are those who do and you are one of the Devil Worshippers. Think. You condone it.”

ADDITION – I looked up invest via Google. So far, I have found out that incest with siblings was not openly practiced in societies EXCEPT among royalty. This was to keep the blood line pure. Now, this form of incest would have been consenting (I am talking way back, so some were prearranged – not all of those really consenting) between two persons of whatever the legal age is, and often within the societies’ marriage institution.

– I can just hear DWs justifying their incestuous relationships. It is my religious practice (It is against the law with 1st degree in almost every instance. It is immoral). Then – My family has been practicing “whatever they call it” for 100 years. Or – You have no right! You do not understand our culture. How about: it has been practiced in my family and we have turned out just fine.     Really, have you consulted any psychiatrist? Have studies been done? What about underage relationships. ALL THOSE REMARKS COULD BE MADE BY DWs IN RESPONSE TO ANY OF THEIR SEXUAL PRACTICES THAT ARE CONSIDERED DEVIANT BY THE REST OF SOCIETY.

– DO NOT BE TOO QUICK TO JUDGE FIRST COUSIN MARRIAGES – The norm for those marriages vary from culture to culture, country to country, and state to state. Yes, in some states it is fine. Wide variations on the law.

– I can picture people returning to the road because of what I said about homosexuality. You don’t have to accept that, believe that. No one has the right to tell you what to believe. I am presenting what I know to be true

Holocaust Encyclopedia on line. HOWEVER – You do NOT have the right to treat a person in society as some of you do because of who they are. Before Hitler, the homosexual community was a part of Germany. Hitler took over and homosexuals were treated brutally. 50,000 went to prison. 5,000 to 15,000 were sent to the camps. It is estimated that 60% perished.

– HITLER WAS A DEVIL WORSHIPPER. Persecuting homosexuals would have gone with his beliefs (and not contributing to the “pure race”.

– MORMONS DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO GANGSTALK PEOPLE BECAUSE THEY ARE HOMOSEXUALS OR LESBIANS – or any other variant who is not hurting another. THEY DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO COMMIT MANSLAUGHTER- Gangstalking is now manslaughter in the United States – inordinate pressure on someone to commit suicide.

– A side note. Are there texts that go out to keep people from being on the roads? I am just wondering how they are keeping the good Mormon off the street when the DWs are out. They would not want to be seen would they?

– I don’t know if I have said that I have four demons with me.  The 3rd is the son. The 4th is G’s. I need someone to point out the blog to G.
– 3rd is very powerful.

– I think one of the demons was dismayed when I knew that Set tells the DW men that they become gods.
-You can look up Temple of Set and find that. I am persistent though. Much information I look for is fairly easy to find, but some is more difficult.

– I found out just now that single women who have never been married become goddesses. This is a better deal than that offered to Mormon single women. I believe they are offered a place with a married man in Heaven. Mormons are taught to treasure the afterlife from very early on. They take it seriously. I could see where a single woman would become a DW if promised that afterlife – with the strong beliefs they have. I totally disagree, but I can see how it happens.

– Keep in mind that there is a hell. If I believe in Heaven, I have to believe in hell. Mormons don’t believe in Hell. They believe in different stages of a Heaven. A serial killer who does not repent etc. does not go to Heaven.

– Hell is agony for eternity   However, one needs to be a good person who lives a good moral life to go to Heaven  Or, someone who didn’t, but has repented etc and lives a moral life  You May have non Christian beliefs to go to Heaven  They need to follow the 10 Commandments ( in its own way)  They May not participate in the occult  If there are ceremonies, rituals where an other than good power is called upon, they do not go to Heaven Those people need to cut out any part of the religion that is using the occult, or the Devil in any way  God prefers – highly prefers that people follow the teachings in the Bible about marriage, etc., but he is not sending someone to hell for having sex outside of marriage  He really prefers the rules be followed  (I probably should add – sex in a monogamous, loving relationship).

– There is a part of the Bible that goes over all the incest rules. You can find this on the internet. Check to see what the credentials are of the person writing the article. Most are biblical scholars. There is a line that states, “Man shall not lie with man”. This in a section on incest. It should be, “Man shall not lie with boy.”  That is a huge difference. I don’t think it is surprising that someone who had no right, made homosexuality a mortal sin – basically. Someone, not God.
-A person who is homosexual, leads a good life will go to Heaven. Devil Worshippers do not condone homosexuality – period. The beliefs are based on the Bible (distorted). God does not condemn someone who is a homosexual, so Devil Worshippers do. God is against incest, they practice it – don’t kid yourself if you don’t. There are those who do and you are one of the Devil Worshippers. Think. You condone it.
– A horrible truth about the DW is that men rape boys. I don’t know how they sell it to the boys, but even if a boy doesn’t resist it is rape. I would not be surprised if demons or drugs are used on top of : role models being the rapists, guilt, fear, threats, bribery, etc.

– The rules in the Bible are the rules  God wants us to follow those rules  What we HAVE TO FOLLOW ARE THE TEN COMMANDMENTS  YET, even then, because of Christ, we can pray and be forgiven

– – Married women become goddesses  I can see how they might be swayed  OR they marry a DW without even knowing  With the churches stand on marriage, they feel they are doomed  No  You may be trapped now, but pray to God

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