Please Pray MORE

I am surrounded by suits and Set and Satan. Please pray for God to protect me from them. In a second.

There was a ceremony held last night. I didn’t know it until they thought it was too late. They had a ceremony to claim me as a Devil Worshipper. I put thoughts of that in the trash – I prayed and am again promised to the Lord.

OR, THEY HAVE THIS CEREMONY THAT IS SUPPOSED TO MAKE YOU BELIEVE THAT YOU ARE PROMISED TO SATAN. NO. The ceremony is another time when they use smoke and mirrors to make you think something is real when it is not. I may have been given a low dose of LSD. I felt a bit like I did a year and a half ago. Then, there was a full blown ceremony. I am pretty sure. The memory seemed like part of a dream, but there were people in the room at the foot of the bed. Just keep that in mind. I had never been on LSD, but I knew. You are not promised to Satan. They want me to hurt myself.

Revelation. Even surrounded by these evil beings, they don’t want to kill me. They have had plenty of time. They still want me to kill myself. It ain’t happening. I may be surrounded by evil today, but it is a beautiful day. I do need prayers. Pray for Set, Satan, the Devil Worshippers and their demons too.

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