New Fake News on the Horizon – LOOK AROUND, KNOW ANYONE?

Petalumans. I am back in town. Traffic is heavy. Go around town now. Safeway, Trader Joe’s, CVS. Of course it can take one click and they will disperse. These Mormons are from ALL OVER. There may be some from Petaluma, but not many.  They are actually Devil Worshippers coming from all over.

If you are facing the dilemma that someone you care about is a DW, you are not alone. Do not accuse. It is not safe. I wouldn’t even ask right now. Each male has a demon and each demon is capable of causing: illness, accidents, thoughts in your head, strong emotions, you to reach for something – not what you intended to reach for (your perception was changed), inappropriate acts/actions, and much more. There may be more than one sent. It turns out that I have had two demons with me for 22 years – V’s and J’s. The two together are very powerful. They have added 3rd’s to the mix PLUS G’s. They know that it is harder to “get to me” now that I know, plus I am able to resist more than some -I will start saying why in a bit.

I was in front of Copperfield’s a bit ago. There was a guy talking on the phone outside. He had a camera hooked to a belt. He was pacing. He is a Devil Worshipper waiting to take my picture. I am at a gas station. The driver of the car got out, the lady passenger was talking on her phone. She was holding her phone in a different way. The way I have held my phone when I wanted to get a picture of someone and was trying to be discreet. I believe that they are trying to get pictures of me, and make it look (think cut and paste, but with a photo) – make it look like I am doing something that will infuriate you. Ask them to have a video forensic person verify that this is a single original photo and not a few photos sliced together.

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