I know that I have lasted seven years being gangstalked – for many reasons. All the women who have gone through this – I am sad. It is incomprehensible.

So, I should not be here. I should not be here because years ago, there was absolutely no traffic at a left turn. I didn’t see any, but it was there. I started the turn, but then everything was in slow motion and cars were all around. It was a miracle.

That I know. I sat and watched the intersection for at least ten minutes.

The latest is that I was made to feel like what I was writing was not true. So, I am going to tell what I have been told in story form.

Christ had two children. There are scholars of that time period who think that it would have been totally possible. One child’s descendants settled in Italy and the other child’s descendants settled in France. The descendants in Italy were all killed. I do know that the Catholic Church would not have wanted Jesus to have children.

My mother’s last name is Martin. This is supposedly one of the names that some French descendants have. In over 2000 years, descendants have spread all over the world. My maiden name is Switzer and was probably Schweitzer at one time. This is supposedly a name that some descendants had in Germany.

I have “met” many Devil Worshippers since I started college. It was no accident that these people came into my life, my sisters’s lives and my cousins’s lives (Martin). Not an accident at all. It is not an accident that many males in the younger generation have been enticed (as early as age 13 or 14 into becoming Devil Worshippers. The Devil Worshippers will do anything to get ahold of the descendants of Christ. Look at how powerful they are with Satan’s help. I believe that demons will be used when a boy is young so that he has no will to say no. Imagine a boy/young man being given a demon and access to all the demon can offer.

So, I guess it turned out that, because of two descendants lines coming together, I was/am stronger than they thought. I was chosen to be V’s victim, because they knew who I was – part of who I was. I should have had a harder time believing it than I did, but it seemed to make sense. I have made it this far. From what I know, I am able to send Set away. I am able to send Satan away. I thought that people could send evil away – via some information on a Catholic site. I guess not. HOWEVER, I BELIEVE THAT IF TWO PEOPLE WORK TOGETHER, THEY CAN SEND A DEMON BACK TO IT’S OWNER. That is what I have been told. You feel wrath – you yell out for the demon to leave, leave now. Now.

I am writing this as though it was just a normal tale to me. No, I have had four family members do gangstalking type activities. It is distressing. Much of the information I have learned is distressing. However, I do have to say that I was described as a stoic child. I am not stoic now, but if something happens, I accept it and move on. I do what I can do. The Bible has passages that mention not using all your energy on what had already happened. This is what mindfulness is. Mindfulness is a very popular way to live life like what is suggested – you get what you can from each moment and try not to let other worries in. I am not saying this right. For me, I kept saying to myself that I was born mindful. If I drop and break something, I might feel a twinge for a second and then I am done.

Before I do that though, I need to say something. I have been in awe that Christ’s descendants are all over the world. They come from all countries and practice many varied religions. They are made up of all races. I think this is the work of a genius. God is the genius. What better way to help people see past their insistence that only their way is the right way. People took Jesus’ messages and they became distorted. Christ was accepting of differences ( yes, he was). What right did any of these people have to say that their way of practicing Christianity is better than others. But, that is human nature. A part that needs to be looked at and adjusted constantly. We do not have that right. Nor do we have the right to say that someone who is not Christian will not go to Heaven. I asked. Jesus did not say or imply that was the case. Remember, men, with their own prejudices and agendas wrote the Bible.

I do not feel like all those words were my idea. I was writing quickly. This has only happened a few times – when the message is important or urgent.

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