Continuing – Devil Worshippers’ Plan

The Devil Worshippers want to dominate the world with like minded or Christian based Devil Worshippers. They want to cause the world to be divided by anti-Muslim (them) versus those nations that will stand with Muslims.

I now believe that the groundwork for this plan was already laid. I believe that T getting angry at an Arab nation is no accident. Trying to start a war may be something he wants. DWs in the United States want people to fear, resent, hate Muslim people. Like the Jews during the Holocaust, the Muslim people are supposed to be the group and scapegoat used by DWs.

Hitler was a Devil Worshipper. He and Eva Braun even chose the moment they would die based on DW numerology. Hitler was against the Jews and DESCENDANTS OF CHRIST. He wanted to kill off any possible descendants that he could. He believed that there were descendants among the Jews. He was right. He was an abomination to mankind.

There will be another Hitler, but much worse, sometime in the future. He will be from the United States. He is living now.

We have to work to peacefully get rid of as many DWs as possible. Right now, besides staying free of them, is to let them know that every single one of them can return to God. They must pray to God, confess their sins in detail, ask for forgiveness, and have the intent of not committing those sins again


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