Behavior to Watch Out For in You, But ESPECIALLY THOSE AROUND YOU

I will be out for a while. I am being caused pain now. If I go home, it will be harder to do anything. Driving takes my focus off the pain. So does being on my phone blogging or on Facebook, but I can only fill so much time uuvuuv  by using  those.

I was reading a few things written by Mormon women living in various  uuvubuvuuvvuuvuvvuvuvuvuvuvvuvuuvuvhu huvuvuuu bbbbbbhbbjbbjbbjbjbbbjbjbbjbjjjupluvuuvuuuuuvuvuaces in the United States. They were talking about pressure on Mormons to be perfect. They put a lot of pressure on themselves. Right now, try not to make rash decisions regarding those around you. You may be extra judgmental of those around you ( I realized that I got upset easier a few years before I told my husband I was divorcing him – out of character. I was much more sensitive to his ways of doing things that differed with mine. This was one way V was steering me towards divorce – using his demon). Stop and ask yourself if any emotions you are feeling are stronger than normal.

WOMEN – are particularly at risk because of the unreasonable expectations put on them compared to men. That is expectations and punishments given. THOSE AROUND THEM NEED TO BE AWARE OF THIS.

This is hard for me, because the question arises – “How does she know these things’”. Every tome I say something about something I did or know, I risk going up to the top of the “Most wanted non Mormon target/victim in the United States. V, J and my ex had years to design my demise. I did some things I regret a while back. I prayed and asked forgiveness AND I HAVE BEEN FORGIVEN BY GOD. This was the message sent to us through Jesus Christ. We are forgiven of our sins when we ask for forgiveness.

Today, I asked the two near me if I could have resisted what was put into my head, combined with feelings that were pushed on me too. I was told no.

WOMEN – because of the severity of the punishment, but MEN also to cause marital problems or to be punished, or the Devil Worshippers want you to not interfere

I know now. I am stronger now, but your loved one, friend will not be. Watch for: unusual interest in men or a man, unusual heightened interest in sex with husband, interest in books, movies, news that is unusual FOR THAT PERSON, shaving the pubic region (very important to Devil Worshippers and demons), differences in mood (too much energy or lack of interest in things that normally bring pleasure), illnesses (unexplained diarrhea), dizziness, extreme fatigue, Boils, slipping and breaking something, hits the accelerator instead of the brake, forgetfulness, not seeing something (traffic, reaching for something). As far as heightened emotions. Catch yourswill add to other posts if I think of anything.

NOTE: Women are held to much higher standards than men. I don’t want to address that right now. However, when you judge someone, you are taking on God’s job. Judge not lest thee be judged. There is a very good chance that the accusers have lied and made up evidence (or a buddy is in on it). There is a chance that DEVIL WORSHIPPERS ARE BEHIND IT.

Please, WE – and particularly the woman’s family need to FORGIVE and stand by our family member. Those in the community – you need to forgive. Most people in this country do not know about the sins of neighbors or fellow church goers. This is not the way you were raised. There are certain lines that can’t be crossed. If they are, shunning or gangstalking starts. It WILL end in suicide. It does not matter if the person is innocent or guilty – GANGSTALKING IS MEANT/DESIGNED TO PUSH SOMEONE INTO COMMITTING SUICIDE. Put a demon by that person’s side, and there is no doubt that will happen sooner.

We are not supposed to judge others. Of course, it is part of human nature to judge others. That is why Jesus talked often about forgiving others. At one point in the New Testament, Jesus explains that if someone committed a sin against you, you should forgive that person if the person asks for forgiveness. If the person commits the same sin, you are to forgive the person if they ask for forgiveness. Jesus goes on to talk about forgiving that person 7 times.

The thing about forgiveness. We are able to forgive someone even if we completely disagree with what they have done. You can even phrase it that way. I have had a hard time forgiving V and others. Of course I do. I will NEVER LIKE WHAT THEY DID. IT WAS AN ABOMINATION. I AM ANGRY. I read a great explanation about forgiving in this situation. We are not saying it was okay. We are forgiving them, if praying to God, because God had asked us to. It is his wish, his desire, his command. This understanding helps me forgive. Also, it is not my place to punish. It is the responsibility of the government- if a law was broken. It is God’s job to judge them when they die. This is why we are not supposed to judge. We can have feelings about what was done. We can even be extremely angry, but WE DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO JUDGE THAT PERSON. WE DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO HARM THAT PERSON. GANGSTAKING CAUSES IRREPARABLE HARM. – guilty or innocent – it causes great harm.

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