And Another “Story” – Unsettling and Disturbing

I just had a thought about the verse that has “can only get to God through me.” Or similar. IF Christ had wanted it to be an important part of his message, then it would have been part of what he said every time he talked. It wasn’t. Jesus was delivering a message about forgiveness (which is one reason why Christianity took off). He taught that we will be forgiven and we need to forgive others. He preached about forgiveness and religions started fighting over who was right. This is not what Jesus wanted. Ever. I don’t think Jesus said that


The Devil Worshippers are working for Devils who all are working for Satan. They get all these “earthly pleasures” (horrid), and they help Satan collect souls. They will do anything to further their cause and spread Devil Worship throughout the world. In order to do so, they need to put one part of the world against another.

Here is something I came across a while back. Devil Worship is based on Christianity. By this I mean that the beliefs in Devil Worship go against Christianity. There is an upside down cross, all the sexual mores regarding family members are broken, devils are fallen angels, When Christianity began, Satan became its biggest and deadliest opponent.

What the Devil Worshippers have come up with is manipulative, ingenious, scary, and horrible all at the same time. I have to sleep, so this will be a shortened version of the story.

Devil Worshippers want to dominate the world. They cannot let people know what their true goal is.


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