My Destination, Your Destination – The Connection and Tahoe

My “Privacy” setting is turned off. It has been off all day. Some people still believe that I have been stalking V by asking his demon where V was going.

They don’t understand how demons work. I decided to try something a bit ago. In my head I pictured and thought about going to any of the gas stations near Lakeville and Caulfield. I headed over that was. A fire truck drive through the Shell station on the corner. It is an awkward station for cars. I couldn’t imagine bringing a fairly long fire truck into that station. It managed to pull out to the street between the station and the Mexican market. The fireman had to back up the truck to park, and so that I could see him. It was a move that was meant to make me feel amazed and intimidated. It did neither.

It did tell me that a fire station was able to get a fire truck out. Not to just drive by me, but to pull off that stunt. How were they able to do that? All of you got a text stating that I WAS HEADING THAT WAY because V’s Demon told V and V spread the word.

Shortly after that, you got a text saying that I was going to Novato. The route was unknown. I was thinking – on purpose that I was next going to go to Novato, but I had not decided on my route. It appears that V’s demon HAS to tell V where I am thinking of going. My intent was to head towards Novato. I took the 101 to the next exit and came back.

I hope that helps some of you believe me when I say that I was not following V. The only time I ever followed him was for less than a minute when I was on 5th. He was on 6th and I was showing my kids where my Counselor’s office was. Great lady – Dru West – 1997. MFCC I went to her for about 18 years.

V was using his demon to get some place before me. He knew down the line that he would need to have something “on me” to really motivate gangstalkers. He does. Look around.

BESIDES – For 18 years my family joined 7-9 other families in Tahoe. We started picking out the week months before – usually January. The week started as a gathering to celebrate my aunt and uncle’s birthday. Over time I believe kids had too many activities in June. We started looking more at July and August. My cousins and their children go to Lark Camp and they started wanting to go the week before Lark Camp. How does V explain being in Tahoe around the same time all my family members were:

Judy and Larry Summers and family; Janet and David Sanders and family; Linda and Bill Clopton and family (3 sisters); Fred and Shirley Martin Switzer).

Wiley and Susan Martin and family; John and Pam Martin and family, Ann Marie and John Woolley and family (they brought the four kayaks), Izzy Matin Pasner, and Mike Pasner and family – later it was Izzy Martin and Taylor. Taylor was his last name. He was a physics professor at Chico state. Izzy and Taylor were married at the cousin Tahoe cabin. Taylor’s two great kids were there as well as Izzy’s great kids.

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